70-563 – Pro: Designing and Developing Windows® Applications Using the Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 Redux

That's right, it's back!

You can register and take this exam between the dates of November 19 and December 12, 2008.

Register online at Prometric using the beta code DW897.


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  1. John Fly says:

    ProMetric reported today that DW897 is not found in their system.

  2. Chris Hance says:

    Does this delay the results for those of us who took 70-563 during the first beta window? I know we’re still "within 8 weeks"; just checking if it’ll be another 8 weeks after the end of the new beta window.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately it does mean the results will be delayed.


  4. Andreas says:

    Here’s what I think:

    I’ve found the 2.0 and 3.5 MCPD exams to be easier than the MCTS ones (as I’m not a lead developer, you would expect it to be the other way round).

    On a few occasions I’ve found it very easy to exclude some of the options even though I wasn’t very familiar with the issues involved (reminded me of the driving licence test at some point providing the option to ‘rev your engine’ to hurry pedestrians crossing).

    I’m a bit disappointed with the prometric testing centers in London though. If I were to combine the worst features of the 3 testing centers I’ve been to in the last 7 days, I’d be sitting in a cold closet badly in need of a repaint, in front of a dirty keyboard and an old 60 hertz CRT monitor with

    people constantly talking and moving around just outside the door! It’s true I’ve booked the betas at short notice so it’s likely the good centers were booked full but there shouldn’t be any bad ones at all.

  5. Andreas says:

    This is funny, I finally found a proper testing centre for the last exam I took yesterday, but when I tried to book further exams today turns out from now on that center is only offering Infosys or whatever exams, not Microsoft ones.

  6. Mustafa says:

    Planning for MCPD Windows Developer i need to take 70-536, 70-505, and 70-563. I can see new books on Amazon for 70-536 and 70-505, but not 70-563. Does anybody know if it is on way?

  7. Hi Mustafa,

    At this time, there isn’t a training kit planned from Microsoft.  That’s not to say that other publishers won’t create a book on it however.

    Keep an eye on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


  8. Calin says:


    Any suggestions for 70-563 training. Books that will help with this exam, sample questions ?



  9. Hi Calin,

    I’ll let others answer based on their research or experience.  We did not create a training kit for this exam.

    As for practice questions, ensure you use either MeasureUp (http://www.measureup.com) or SelfTest Software (http://www.selfttestsoftware.com).  They are the only Microsoft approved practice test providers for our exams.


  10. Calin says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Well I mailed the guys from mesureup and they said: "Thank you for your inquiry at MeasureUp. At this time we currently do not have 70-563 available but we hope to develop it later this year. Microsoft often lists us as having products we haven’t developed." And selftestsoftware does not have them listed yet.

    Maybe you can suggest some other place I can seek information about this.

    Thank you,


  11. Hi Calin,

    I should have clarified in my previous post, sorry.  We don’t control what exams these two providers create and often times, they will create them but not until much later than the exams have released.

    They typically don’t start their development cycles until our exams are either in beta or released.

    When I don’t have practice tests available to me, or training kits, I rely on the prep guide to tell me what the exam will cover.  Then I use that along with MSDN and working with the product to ensure that I understand the concepts very well.  

    That is always a good preparation exercise to follow in my opinion.


  12. Steve W. says:


    SInce there are limited materials for the 563 (basically just the prep-guide) I was hoping to be able to use the 70-548 training kit to become familiar with the 2.0 version of the exam.

    In your opinion is this a wise approach, or is the 563 significantly different?

    Thanks much!

  13. Hi Steve,

    One thing I always recommend, and sometimes it’s because I’m too lazy to do a full comparison, is to actually open and compare the two prep guides.

    These will provide a high level view of what topics will be covered on each version.  There will be some overlap on the two exams for sure and if you already have that training kit, you could use it for some areas.


  14. Map Forums says:

    Anything new for 70-563 yet?

    I am looking for a training kit or list of best books to read.


  15. Hi Eric,

    Microsoft Press did not create a training kit for this exam.  

    I’m also not able to locate training resources on the Web either.


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