New Vista Learning Snacks: A Free Offer (Worldwide)

I know this is a developer and SQL Server related blog for certifications however, I know that you are all running Vista now.  Right?

Thinking about a Vista Certification?  Get a jump start with new Vista Learning Snacks.  These free, interactive presentations include information on desktop migration, network deployment and more.  Four new Vista snacks have been posted to the snack landing page.  Time-strapped?  You can learn something new in less than five minutes!  Try a snack today at:


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  1. Martin says:

    The page does not work with Firefox.

  2. Lovely.

    I’ll let the team know.  I have to ask the first question they will ask though.

    Do you have the Silverlight runtime installed?


  3. Gusi says:

    mmmmm…upsssss….No, I’m not running Vista now :-). I’m running my friend XP 😀

  4. Pankaj Nikam says:

    Hey Gerry I have installed Silverlight 2.0 and still the page is broken when opened with Firefox 3.0.4… Please let the team know about the issue.

  5. Pankaj,

    The internal team has informed me that this is a known issue with Firefox 3.x and they are looking into it.

    I have no ETA on a fix at this time.


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