Last Chance for SQL Server Database Developer Beta Exam


October 10th is the last day, for now, that this exam will be available.  There is a potential that it may be extended.

We have 257 remaining registrations, as of yesterday, and I'm hoping they will all be taken in the next two days.

In case you want to try this exam, here are the pertinent details one more time.

Register for Beta Exam 71-433: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development - Beginning September 19, 2008.

You are invited to take beta exam 71-433: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development. If you pass the beta exam, the exam credit will be added to your transcript and you will not need to take the exam in its released form. The results will not appear on your transcript until several weeks after the final form of the exam is released. The 71-xxx identifier is used for registering for beta versions of MCP exams, when the exam is released in its final form the 70-xxx identifier is used for registration.

71-433: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development counts as credit towards the following certification(s).

· Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: SQL Server 2008, Database Development (earned when passing 70-433)

· Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Developer 2008. In order to earn this certification you must also pass exam 70-451: PRO: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Designing and Optimizing Database Solutions.

Find exam preparation information:


Registration begins: September 19, 2008

Beta exam period runs: September 22, 2008– October 10, 2008

Receiving this invitation does not guarantee you a seat in the beta; we recommend that you register immediately. Beta exams have limited availability and are operated under a first-come-first-served basis. Once all beta slots are filled, no additional seats will be offered.

Testing is held at Prometric testing centers worldwide, although this exam may not be available in all countries (see Regional Restrictions).  All testing centers will have the capability to offer this exam in its live version.

Regional Restrictions: India, Pakistan, China

Registration Information

Please use the following promotional code when registering for the exam: F589G
You must register at least 24 hours prior to taking the exam.

To register in North America, please call:

· Prometric: (800) 755-EXAM (800-755-3926)

Outside the U.S./Canada, please contact:

· Prometric:

Test Information and Support

You are invited to take this beta exam at no charge.
You will be given four hours to complete the beta exam. Please plan accordingly.




Comments (12)

  1. Mathias says:

    Too late, it’s not possible to schedule it any more :-(. I hope you’re going to extend it.

  2. Bryant Likes says:

    Thanks for the reminder! Just scheduled my exam for tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Gail says:

    Wrote it yesterday. 🙂 Fairly easy, just a little too much XML for my tastes. (ie I need to study up on XML more)

    Is 70-451 still coming as a beta or has it been and gone?

  4. Hi Gail,

    Thanks for the feedback.  

    70-451 did end on September 30, sorry.


  5. Hi Gerry;

    I was supposed to take the exam yesterday but when I went to the center in the morning I was informed that the internet connection was down and that due to problems with their isp it would not be resolved until Monday. I couldn’t reschedule to another center because in Mauritius we have only one functioning center (1 out of 3). I was really interested in taking this exam.



  6. …I hope you’re going to extend it.

  7. Hi Shivam,

    Sorry to hear about that.  I can’t count the many times technical issues have given me exam problems in the past as well.

    Once we look at the numbers today, we will decide if we need to extend this beta.

    I will make an announcement on this blog for the extension.


  8. Gail says:

    Thanks Gerry. Guess I’ll have to pay for it when it comes out. 😉

    Was it a restricted beta for that exam? I saw the announcements for 450 and 452 (and wrote 450), but saw no announcement for 451.

  9. Hi Gail,

    451 wasn’t restricted but I think it was announced on the beta exam blog and not here.  Likely my fault for missing that one.


  10. Cryptonique Paulo says:

    Hi Gerry

    I sat for the 70-451 exam today. Guess what..81 questions to answer! I was very surprised. DO you know if this is normal? Usually the max questions can max up to 50, and if lucky 40 questions.

    THis is abnormal, is this a prometric screwup?

    Just feeling very disappointed as i didn’t manange to put up the challenge 81 questions for 3 over hours..

    Let me know what you think?


    Cryto Paulo

  11. Hi Cryto,

    Periodically we find it necessary to add new items to an exam, usually because content has been leaked and is on brain dump sites or the questions are not performing well from a psychometric perspective.

    When we add new content, it needs to be evaluated and as a result, it will be placed on exams which add to the total number of questions.  These new questions are not scored during this first phase so they do not affect your score.

    At the beginning of the exam, there is text that explains that the exam may contain content that does not affect your score.  There is also text that indicates that we may change the exam content at any time without warning.  I know, I hate those situations myself however, it does help to make for a better set of exams overall and you are helping to combat exam piracy in the process.

    Hopefully that explains the rationale behind what happened.


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