Is There an Exam for Team Foundation Server 2008?

Not quite yet.

Currently I am in discussions and working with the TFS product group on what is taking place with this.  In our initial discussions, we wanted to refresh the exam however, it's never as simple as that.  For example, to maintain standards, if we change the exam design, we have to create a brand new exam.  So, that's not a good thing.

What we are doing is evaluating the changes to the product and how they fit into the overall exam design that exists today.  If we can make changes to the content, ie questions, to address the new features, without changing the exam outline, that is the easiest and most preferred route.

It creates some other problems however. 

1) What do we call the exam? 

2) Is it valid for 2005 and 2008 or just 2008?

3) If it is only valid for 2008, do we keep two exams in market that are relatively similar?

4) Do we rename the existing exam after the changes and have it valid for both versions?

5) If we do that, what about those who have already taken the 2005 version?  Do we change their certification?  But wait, they haven't taken the 2008 components so how can we?

These and many other questions need answering before we make the final decision as to what will happen with it and with any luck, we'll get there before the next version of the product releases.  🙂



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  1. Jeroen Vos says:

    I guess there won’t be an exam before the end of the year then. If there are going to be beta exams of this i would love to do them. I need to be TFS certified by the end of the year and i hate to go install a TFS 2005 instance again when i already have 2 TFS 2008 instances running here to test on.

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  3. Hi Jeroen,

    Keep in mind that the only changes that have been identified and that will be made on any revision we make, will only cover the build features that have changed in 2008.  Also, the only time we run a beta exam is if the exam is new.  We don’t typically run betas for revisions.

    As a result, there really is no reason for you to not get the certification before the end of the year.  The product and certification are still very much relevant and there is no reason that I would hold off.

    I will be following up this week to see if the changes will be identified in time for us to complete the changes but even then, it will likely be December before we see the changed exam published.

    Stay tuned for more information.


  4. You probably saw this note from Gerry about Team Foundation Server . And here are the dates for training

  5. Eric Matz says:

    Would be really cool if you have a Rosario-based exam in beta while the product itself is in beta.  Just sayin… 🙂

  6. Hi Eric,

    While we typically do have the exams in beta while the product is in beta, it happens during that latter stages of the beta or during release candidate phases.

    We cannot create an exam too early in the beta cycle as we must ensure the content on the exam will be relevant and valid for the product when it releases.  We require a scrubbing of the exam content before we release to ensure adequate alignment with the actual product features that are in the final version.


  7. Probably not the right place to ask this, but are there plans for an exam on Silverlight? I am currently telling my students to do the WPF exam instead.

  8. Hi Mark,

    There is a Silverlight exam on the plan, however it won’t be released in the short term.

    We need to look at development schedules and timelines to ensure we are in alignment with a major release of Silverlight.  We will not have an exam on Silverlight 1.0 but will have one on either 2.0 or 3.0.


  9. says:


    Any decisions on the TFS 2008 exam?


  10. Hi Titus,

    At this point, no.  It doesn’t appear as though the exam will be updated for 2008 as timelines are getting too close to the creation of one for 2010.


  11. Kta says:

    Can you recomend me some place to study TFS while the TFS server 2008 exam is ready?

  12. Kta,

    As per my comment above to Titus, there will not be a TFS 2008 exam created.


  13. Sameer H.K says:

    Is There an upgrade Exam for Team Foundation Server 2008 from 2005. or when can we see 2010.



  14. Hi Sameer,

    There are no longer any plans at this time to update the current exam or create a new one.

    Not to say there won’t be one in the future but at this time, no discussions are under way.


  15. Januar says:

    Is it still worthwhile getting 2005 Exam? I assume the 2010 exam will still be a bit far. I haven’t actually use TFS 2005, but i’ve used 2008 quite a lot. Do I need to study (practice) with 2005 server to do the 70-510 exam?

  16. Hi Januar.

    Tough question.

    My answer would be that if you are still using TFS 2005, then take a look at the exam prep guide to see if it meets your needs.

    If you expect to move to TFS 2008 or later, I would say evaluate the content against the changes in the product.

    We are looking at what to do about an update but I can’t comment on anything specific at this time.


  17. john says:

    Dears ,

    Kindly , i’m working as a QA/CM in Software Company in egypt and i need to know if i can take a certificate in TFS 2008 or not , or if there is any other certificate is related to the same field.

    Finally , i need to take a certificate in TFS 2008.

    please help as much as you can.


  18. Hello John,

    We did not create an exam for TFS 2008 but we will be creating one for TFS 2010.  The dates are not finalized yet but you won’t see a TFS 2010 exam until sometime next year.

    The only current exam on TFS is for version 2005.


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