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Sorry for the late responses this past week.  I was on vacation last week and my wife told me there was to be no computer time related to work at all.  Of course, with doing home study for ground school for a private pilot certificate takes up a fair bit of time at home so it wasn't much of a stretch.

So a quick update as to what's up in the certification world at Microsoft.  Today, we just completed the item selection and standard setting for 70-432, the SQL 2008 DBA exam and tomorrow, we will complete the same session for the BI exam, 70-448.

For those of you who took the exams, I'd like to inform you that you all failed.  Not really.  I do want to thank you for the comments and the detail in them however.  The SMEs we had in the room were in agreement on most of them and as a result, we reached consensus on the questions that needed to be removed.  Some will have small wording changes made to reflect your suggestions, where the changes will not impact the question outcome or score.

I will be attending two trade shows this fall and hope to meet up with some of you that may be in attendance at either PDC in LA in October and TechEd EMEA in Barcelona in November.  Obviously for TechEd, I will be there during dev week.  If you're there, please stop by the Microsoft Learning booths for a chat and introduce yourself.


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  1. Niall Merrigan says:

    Hey Gerry

    Might catch up with you at PDC then… and best of luck with the PPL..

  2. Jemm says:


    Nice to hear 🙂

    Are the results coming soon for those who attended beta tests (70-432)?

  3. jennifer says:

    Any date yet for the 70-433 Beta?



  4. Hi Jemm,

    You will be seeing results in about a month or so.  This IS/SS is just the beginning of the actual scoring.

    We need to remove the problem items from the exam, then rescore the remaining questions and then evaluate it against the passing score.

    Because this is a concerted effort between us and Prometric, it does take a little bit of time.


  5. Hi Jennifer,

    We should be going to beta with 70-433 at the end of September.


  6. Roberto says:

    Gerry, Sorry, My English is very bad… So, Will the results of exam 70-432 be known by a month (near October 2008)?

  7. Hi Roberto,

    When English is not your first language, you should never apologize for not understanding something that someone says.  🙂

    I expect the results to be available for 70-432 around October, yes.


  8. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    Still waiting for the followings betas:

    433 SQL Developer TS

    505 Windows Form TS

    563 Windows Form PD

    564 ASP.NET PD

    565 Enterprise PD

    Any update?  Will they be available before what I have studied fadeout from my brain?

  9. Paul,

    433 is forthcoming by the end of Sept.

    For the others, enjoy your holiday Turkey, Christmas feast and New Year celebrations.  🙂


  10. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    That means, I will need to re-prepare them when they are available …

    It’s good that 433 come out at the end of the month.  I can focus on the WAR beta this week 🙂

  11. Laura says:

    Hi, wondering if there is any updates on these results?

  12. Laura,

    Are you referring to the results for 70-432?

    The exam has a live date of September 30.  This means the results will not be available until after that date.


  13. Laura says:

    Yes I was thanks 🙂 I didn’t read it carefully enough. Cheers for the reply. Laura

  14. Hi Laura,

    I may have to retract that as well.  I believe there is an issue with the scoring, not sure what yet, but it might delay this exam by a little bit.

    I’ll post more when I find out what the scoop is.


  15. Peter Read says:

    issue with scoring?  Delay?  With an MS beta exam?  Never!! 🙂

  16. Peter Read says:

    Just wondering whether Prometric have given an eta on beta results?  I’m assuming since the exams are live the scoring weights and so forth must have been sorted so delay must be with Prometric 🙂

  17. Rob Hagman says:

    The status in the Candidate history on the prometric site just changed from Tested to Passed, I didn’t receive the official e-mail yet, but "Any moment now…"

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