Masters is Coming

Not the golf tournament, but the certification track.  So, do you have what it takes to become a Microsoft Certified Master?

A lot of people have been asking for some time if there was a step between the MCPD or MCITP and the MCA program.  We were saying, hold off, just wait, it’s coming.   Well now it’s here.  You can get certified as a Master in Exchange Server 2007, SQL Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008.

If you think you are qualified and you want to achieve the next level in your certification path on Microsoft Technologies, visit the site, and watch for registration to start in July of this year.  Classes will start in the 3rd quarter of 2008 so you have lots of time to get your skills honed to an edge and be ready for the program.

And for use developer types, we’re just to darn complex to have a Masters path for us just yet, but it is on the horizon.


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  1. Niall says:

    Thanks Gerry! I was hoping that there will be a dev based masters. Kinda hard to sell a 20,000USD cert to my manager on just technology. 😀

  2. frederikm says:

    No masters for the SDE’s?

    so we only have MCPDEA?

  3. BEACHDBA says:

    >> So, do you have what it takes to become a Microsoft Certified Master?

    What would that be? Money?  

    Sorry to be so cynical – but for somebody who weeks ago finished what he thought was the highest level DBA certification and did it on his own, self-paced time, finding out there is a new cert that seems like it will be out of his reach is a bit of a buzzkill.

  4. Frederick,

    Read the very bottom of the post.  It clearly states that there may be on, just nothing at this particular point in time.

    Patience.  🙂


  5. alexandrelima says:

    With all due respect…

    Master? How many certification are you guys creating? This business became a sort of "service pack" or "patch"?

    I stopped doing exams since MCAD/MCSD time. For a single reason, the market(or a big part of if) does not requires these new certifications yet. I think I’ll jump from MSCD to 3.5. The secret is always jump a generation and wait for the next "patch" on certification track.

    I don’t find my money in trees. By the way I will wait for the "Jedi" Master Certification.


  6. Hi Beach,

    Cynical? I would say.  Did you honestly click through and read about the certification?  Do you honestly think it is beyond your reach?

    Wait until all the details are on the page and make your decision then.  If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you.

    It is something the industry was demanding so I would suspect that most people would welcome the certification and want it.  Note, I said most people.  Not everyone will want it and it’s not for everyone.  Will I get the Master in SQL Server?  Not likely.  I’m still sitting on an MCDBA on SQL Server 2000.  I may take the SQL 2008 MCTS or MCITP, or I may not.  As a result, the Master certification is not for me.  It’s as simple as that.

    I seriously think you should consider it though.  🙂


  7. Thanks for the Thursday morning laugh Alexandre.

    We are ready to create as many certifications as the industry demands.


  8. Martin says:

    >We are ready to create as many certifications as the industry demands.

    And I am sure the TRAINING industry will love certifications with required classes.

  9. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    Unless I got invitation to join the program in beta for free, I will not go for the Master certs.  US20,000 is not out of my reach, but it equals all my savings in 2 years time.  3 master certs means over 10% of all the money I can save in my working ages.

  10. Hi Paul,

    1) You will not receive an invitation to join in beta for free as there won’t be a beta.

    2) Where did you come up with the idea that the Master certification would cost you $20,000 USD?  

    The Microsoft Certified Architect program costs ~$20,000.  Perhaps you are confused?

    3) Why would you want to take all 3 Master certifications?

    There currently is no mention of program cost on the web site so I’m not sure where you got this information from.  The web site clearly states that more details will follow.  It’s always best to wait until more information is made available publicly before you judge such factors.

    As I have mentioned before, certifications are not for everybody and that certainly applies to the Master program as well.  It is a prerequisite for the MCA program but outside of that, it’s entirely up to the individual.


  11. David Ross says:

    Only a Microsoft Certified Master of *evil*, Alex…

    Seriously, Steve Ballmer’s parrot could get a MCP and upgrade to MCTS the way his company handles development certs now, and I’d hate for this rote-memorisation model to continue into the MCM. For proper vetting of applicants, employees need a certification that involves a full project with code review. There is a ready analogy in the legal field; you get a J.D. in college, and then take the bar exam depending on in which state you intend to practice.

  12. Peter Read says:

    Actually rote memorisation isn’t either necessary or even helpful if you take the current (and previous) certifications properly…  Ok maybe dev’s memorising the object model for sharepoint or whatever, but certainly IT PRO stuff is pretty well focussed on practical skills I feel.

    I’d love to go down the masters route (directory services definitely.  maybe SQL too if I felt psychopathic…) what with probably not quite having the experience for MCA, but it’d be good to know the cost – I know I saw a figure around $18,500 but I could be wrong.  & frankly I’d rather feed the wife and kids than try to pay that right now, so cost is an impediment.  At the same time I guess even MS can’t really throw this level of training around for nothing, and will want to avoid it becoming a paper cert by allowing exam-only…

    it’s a difficult line to tread.

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