What’s Up With the New MCPD Exams?

There was a question posted over on Trika’s blog about the new .NET 3.5 pro exams based on the Prep guides.

Michael basically asked,

“In .net 2.0, Pro exams there was a heavy focus on testing, design and the theoretical part of software development. When I check the prep-guide for the .net 3.5 pro exams, I don't find any of those in there.

Did MS completely remove those aspects of the pro certification in .net 2.0?”

Well, technically, the pro level exams never did include content for software testing nor did they really cover the SDLC.  What you see on these exam prep guides is the result of your peers, sitting in a focus group/design session, and determining what is important for testing candidates on in the real world in relation to that technology.

Keep in mind that these exams are not the equivalent of 70-300 nor are they intended to be.  The Pro level exams are intended to test a candidate’s ability to make technology decisions for a specific product implementation or software application project.   They need to understand the technology from a hands-on perspective prior to taking these exams.  The Po level exams are designed to test the when, where and why style of decisions and questions.

We are already working on plans for an exam(s) aimed at software testing, security for developers and MSFv4.   As a result, you will not see those topics covered or to any great length at least, on the MCPD exams.


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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks, Gerry, for answering the question 🙂


  2. Tarique says:

    I think the new MCTS / MCPD (both .Net 2.0 & .Net 3.5) are much better than the old MCAD/MCSD format.

    I hope you guys keep using the MCTS / MCPD format in the future versions of .Net as well and resist the urge to revamp things for the sake of revamping :).

  3. Jim says:

    I have a question about the training materials, or lack there of.  I would like to start preparing for the MCTS / MCPD certs, but the first exam that I would like to take, 70-564 doesn’t seem to have any training kits or anything out there…should I start with the 2.0 stuff and wait for the 3.5?  What’s the best next step for me?

  4. Hi Jim,

    The training will likely always lag behind the certification for very specific reasons.  The Training Kits especially, that MS Press creates, are dependent on the exam design documents.  They can’t get started on their development process until we have an exam OD for them to use.

    As a result of the fact that we typically start and exam process ahead of training, they get started later than we do.  Also, their development cycles are a little longer than the exam dev cycle is.

    There are always other factors as well such as budgets, author availability etc.  Regardless of this, we are striving to have training and exams within specific timelines of the product releases from the rest of Microsoft.

    If you haven’t started on the 2.0 path yet, then I would concentrate more on the 3.5 path.  Take note that the exam you have listed above is the Pro level exam for ASP.NET.  You will need to acquire your MCTS ASP.NET 3.5 before you can earn the Pro level cert so before I offer a recommended path, I would need to know what certifications you currently hold.


  5. John Edwards says:

    I almost have my MCPD:Enterprise, will there be an upgrade path for 3.5?

  6. Hi John,

    If you are an MCPD Enterprise on 2.0, there will be an upgrade path to 3.5, yes.


  7. AnujM says:


    I am already certified on the .NET 2.0 platform (MCPD: Enterprise Apps). I want to know when will the Upgrade Exams for .NET 3.5 (70-568 and 70-569) be available?

  8. Hi Anuj,

    Those exams will be available in mid January of 2009.


  9. AnujM says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks a lot for the information…



  10. beach5563 says:

    I’m kind of new to all this. Been working on an Automation testing/monitoring team. I want to go the Software Testing QA Automation route. I was thinking of taking a C#/VB class at a continuing education center for beginner through Advanced level. They also ofer a beg, int, and advanced class on ASP.NET 3.5. I was wondering should I take the ASP.NET class instead and  go for the MCTS.NET cert for 3.5?



  11. Hi beach,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, this one only showed up in my inbox today.

    The language courses will prepare you to use C# or VB in the managed code world of .NET.  Because you need to take exam 70-536, which is .NET Framework foundations knowledge, along with the proper MCTS exam, before you can be awarded a certification, the language courses may be a good idea as a starting point if you are not familiar with them.

    The ASP.NET exam is designed for someone who will be creating Web applications on the .NET platform so if that is the type of software development you want to focus on, then you should work toward that exam for sure.   And it would be a good idea to concentrate on the 3.5 version if you are just starting out.

    If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  12. tarul@hotmail.com says:


    >>> We are already working on plans for an exam(s) aimed at software testing, security for developers and MSFv4.

    Any information/status on these exams will be helpful.



  13. mukesh says:

    i want to know that can i do mcpd directly or i have to do MCTS first and i want to know that will i do my certification in 3.5 or 2.0 ,i want to do my certification in web,plz solve my query

  14. Hi Titus,

    The short answer and the only one I will give at this time is, no.

    There is no new information at this time.


  15. Hi Mukesh,

    You must complete the MCTS first, unless you already have a certification in 2.0 but based on your question, I assume you do not have a certification already.

    If that is the case, you must complete the MCTS first and then you can take the MCPD.

    Please refer to these pages for information on the exams and requirements.




  16. Nisar Khan says:

    Hi Gerry,

    i have been looking around and could not figured out what exams to take and what not.

    basically i’m interested in MCPD & MCTS

    so far i have passed the following exams:







    my question is: if i write  70-547 and 70-528

    will i be MCPD and MCTS ? if not then what more exams do i need to write in order to be MCPD and MCTS?

    please answer my query.

    thanks for looking.


  17. Hi Nisar,

    In order to acquire MCTS you must take exam 70-536 and then 70-528 to achieve MCTS in Web Developer on .NET 2.0.  Once you have that completed, taking exam 70-547 will provide you with an MCPD: Web Developer on .NET 2.0.


  18. Nisar Khan says:

    Thanks Gerry…

    how about if i’m only looking for MCPD ? should i write only 70-547? or more then that?

    please advice.

    thanks gain.

  19. Hi Nisar,

    If you already have MCAD or MCSD, look into exams 70-551, 70-552, 70-558 or 70-559 for an upgrade path to MCPD.

    Other than that, you need to get the MCTS first before you can get an MCPD.


  20. Nisar Khan says:

    Sorry to bother you please bare with me.

    i’m currently MCAD in VS 2003

    i looked into MS site (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcpd/webdev/default.mspx) and based on what i understood (please correct me)

    if I want to upgrade to MCPD i have to write:

    70-547 – 70-536 – 70-528

    or just write 70-551

    my goal is get MCPD

    as you have said, in order to get MCPD i have to have MCTS?

    please clearly.


  21. Hi Nisar,

    Sorry for not clarifying that last point.  If you have an MCAD already, then you can opt to take 551 which will give you an MCPD if you pass, or you can take 559 which will upgrade you to MCTS if you feel you may not be able to pass 551.

    You do not need to have an MCTS before getting MCPD if you are taking an upgrade exam.  I only mentioned that if you were starting on that track from the beginning with no prior certification.


  22. Nisar Khan says:

    thanks Gerry,

    so what i understood is:

    if i take 551 it will give me MCPD

    and if i take 559 it will give me MCTS ?

    is that with web development ?

    both are optional or depended on each other?

    thanks again.

  23. Hi Nisar,

    70-551 and 70-559 are two seperate exams.  One does not rely on the other.

    551 is the exam that was the MCAD to MCPD upgrade exam.  559 is the newly released MCAD to MCTS exam.

    You take the exam that provides you with the certification you wnat to achieve.  You don’t need to take 551 and then 559.

    Hope that helps


  24. Nisar Khan says:

    thanks for the response.

    one last question….just curiosity if i take both 551 and 559 will i be called mcpd and mcts ?

  25. Hi Nisar,

    If you do that, you will have both certifications.  You will find the content identical on the two exams however, it’s just that the 559 exam will have one section removed.


  26. Nisar Khan says:

    >>>it’s just that the 559 exam will have one section >>removed.

    one section removed from where?


  27. Nisar, I am not allowed to tell you what was removed but you can look at the prep guides for each exam and compare the areas that are covered.


  28. geetha says:

    i have finished framework 2.0 application development foundation. i would like to write WPF application which is framework 3.5. am i eligible to get MCTS ceritificate.

  29. Hi Geetha,

    By saying you finished "framework 2.0 application development foundation", I assume you mean you successfully passed exam 70-536.

    If that is what you have indicated, then yes, if you take pass exam 70-502, which is the exam for Windows Presentation Foundation, you will achieve Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Presentation Foundation Applications


  30. Kanthi says:

    I have already cleared 70-316 exam(Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET 1.1).

    Now I want to earn MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Windows Applications.

    Should I have to write only 70-526 to earn MCTS?!?!

    or should i have to still write both 70-526 and 70-536 to earn my MCTS?!

    Kindly clarify.

  31. Hi Kanthi,

    I’m sorry to say that 70-316 really has no impact on the .NET 2.0 exams by itself.

    If you are seeking to be certified on .NET 2.0, then you must take 70-536 as a prerequisite to to any of the .NET 2.0 certifications.

    So, the answer to your question is yes, you still have to take both 70-536 and 70-526 to earn an MCTS.


  32. RadicalDev says:

    Hi please can you clear this matter for me , I am a web developer in asp.net 2 and I want to upgrade my skills in Asp.Net.

    So please I need to stick with Web-Dev so to earn the MCPD title what exams should I do, I have not done any Ms-Exams.


  33. RadicalDev,

    That depends on your desire to remain on 2.0 or move to 3.5 for a version of the .NET Framework.

    For example, if you want to acquire MCPD in ASP.NET 2.0, then you need to look at taking the following exams;




    If you are interested in getting your MCPD in ASP.NET 3.5, then you will need to take these exams;





  34. Hi Gerry,

    Thank you very much , i am currently implementing systems using visual studio 2008 with 3.5 so i will choose your second option




    plase can you let me know how can i get the c# language refference for the 70-536 book ? or is there a c# book for exam 70-536. at what time should i say i am doing the exam in c# since i am a c# developer.


  35. Good choice.  🙂

    You will find that the Microsoft Press training kit for this exam has both C# and VB.NET code samples in it so it should be just what you need.


  36. aditya says:


    Can anybody give the detils of MCTS Exam 70-536, 70-528 fess in India

  37. Kanthi says:

    Hi Gerry,


    Though i find 70-316 and 70-536 has similar course contents!

    anyways thanks a lot for clarifying the doubt 🙂

  38. Aditya,

    No details of exams are allowed to be discussed due to NDA agreements.

    What information are you looking for that you can’t find on the web site?


  39. Hi Kanthi,

    Although it may appear that way, these two exams are different.

    70-316 is specifically for C# on .NET 1.1 and does not have coverage for some of the .NET 2.0 components.  You cannot substitute one for the other.


  40. Bipul says:

    Hi Gerry

    I want to upgrade MCAD to MCTS. As I know I need to take Exam  70-559 but I am not getting any referance books or guide book for this exam. would you please inform me how i get thous study material.


  41. Hi Bipul,

    This exam has topics from the following exams;




    You can use the training materials for those exams.


  42. Harsh says:

    hi Gerry,

    I m currently MCITP:Database Developer, SQL Server 2005. I am planning to do MCPD:Web Developer 2.0 and on 3rd dec i am having 70-536 exam.

    As there are no self preparing  kits avalable for the MCPD:Web Developer 3.5, I will complete Web Developer 2.0 and after some time I will upgrade to 3.5, am I on the right path? And one thing I am not able to understand is "Transition to 3.5 from 2.0". Can u tell me what is meant by transition?

    For what field is there a greater demand, web or windows development. I have asked many people, they told me to go for web certification, I would like to ask u, which one should i do, web or windows?

  43. Hello Harsh,

    There are currently no Microsoft Press training titles for the MCDP: ASP.NET 3.5 exams, sorry.

    Please understand that you must pass three exam to acquire MCPD on ASP.NET 2.0, 70-536, 70-528 and then 70-547.

    Once that is complete, you can then take exam 70-567 to upgrade to MCPD 3.5.  However, you can take one fewer exam by starting with the 3.5 track directly.  You still need to take exam 70-536 but then you can move onto exam 70-562, which is the MCTS for ASP.NET and then finally 70-564 for the MCPD.

    By the time you make it to 70-564, there should be training material available for that exam.

    I also tend to agree with the people you have asked.  There currently is more demand for the ASP.NET certifications which indicates there is more demand for developers with those skills and certifications.

    Keep in mind that rich desktop applications are starting to become quite popular as well with Windows Presentation Foundation.


  44. Eric McEntee says:

    Hello, I am about to start on the MCPD 3.5 path, and from what I can tell exam 70-536 is the same for the .NET 2.0 and 3.5 framework.

    Does that mean the Microsoft Press book called MCTS Self Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-536) .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation is sufficient for this test?

    It’s been sitting on my shelf for a year, and if I can still use it, I’d rather do that than spend another $50 on a new book.  

    Then the exams after that will 3.5 specific.

  45. Hi Eric,

    You are correct on all accounts.  You can use that same book to prepare for that exam, nothing has changed on the exam.

    Best of luck.


  46. mi says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I want to know if there will be another upgrade version for asp.net3.5 and .Net Framework 3.5 in 2010.I’m trying to pass those exams 70_562 and 70_536, but because of the exam fees, i don’t want to take for another upgrade so soon .

  47. Hi mi,

    Your post is a little confusing but I think I know what you are asking.

    There will be an upgrade exam for MCPD on ASP.NET 3.5 to MCPD on ASP.NET 4.0.  As usual, there won’t be an MCTS upgrade exam.


  48. Chaitanya says:

    To get the MCTS How many exams i should clear.What are they?


  49. Hi Chaitanya,

    Unfortunately, your request is far too vague for me to answer.  You haven’t told me what technology you are interested in.

    Check this site, http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/sixsteps.mspx as it has the answers to your questions.


  50. Taimoor Rashid says:

    Hi Gerry

    I am totally confused.  I want to earn MCPD certification, strictly Enterprise App Dev.  Should I go with 3.5 or stick to 2.0?  Also, in case I go for 3.5 which exams will I have to take besides 70-536?  If I stick with 2.0, would that be disadvantageous?  Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  51. Hi Taimoor,

    I cannot choose for you whether you concentrate on 2.0 or 3.5.  It depends entirely on the version you will use or you foresee using.

    As for which exams to take, you can find all that information out here, http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcpd/vstudio/2008/default.mspx


  52. Mikael says:

    I haven’t seen anything of the upgrade exams (70-568 and 70-569) on MS Learning. I notice you expected them to appear mid-January in an earlier comment here. And it’s sort of past that… 😉

  53. Mehul Patel says:

    I had done MCTS certification in .NET 2.0 and I want to take MCPD certificate in .NET 3.5 now.

    My MCTS is in : .NET framework 2.0 (Exam 70-536 and Exam 70-528)

    Now, can u please guide me how can I take MCPD certificate in .NET 3.5.

    and Yes I m not sure that for which exam I have to go for Web technology in .NET 3.5.

    and I also want to know where should I go for Exam 70-562 or 70-564 (for MCPD .NET 3.5)?

    Please guide me with proper path to get MCPD in .NET 3.5.


    Mehul Patel

  54. Hi Mehul,

    If you want to acquire an MCPD on .NET 3.5, you have two options.  Start from scratch on 3.5 or upgrade from 2.0  The only way you can upgrade from 2.0 is to have an MCPD on 2.0.  Because you don’t have the MCPD yet, you will need to complete that first.

    Go to this page for information on getting your MCPD on 2.0. http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcpd/webdev/default.mspx

    Once you have completed that, you can then upgrade to 3.5 by going here and looking at the requirements, http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcpd/vstudio/2008/default.mspx.

    As for you last question, where to go, you have to register at a local Prometric testing center to take these exams.  There is no differenc in where to take these as compared to your 2.0 certifications.


  55. Mehul Patel says:

    Thanks Gerry,

    I appreciate your feedback.

    So, i need to go for 70-562 and 70-564. right?

    Thanks again,

    Mehul Patel

  56. Hi Mehul,

    That is correct.  You already have 70-536 passed so that means these two exams listed are all you need to acquire the MCPD: Web Developer.


  57. Hafeez says:


    I would like to Write MCTS Exams 70-536 in .NET 3.5

    What is the Fees?

    From where i should prepare?

  58. Hi Hafeez,

    For preparation, go here, http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-536.aspx

    For registration you need to go here, http://www.prometric.com.

    As for the fees, that will depend on your location.  Once you find the exam number on the Prometric web site, you should see the exam cost there.


  59. Farhan says:


    I am going to graduate in fall ’09. I don’t have any certifications yet but I’ve been programming in VS since 8 years. I wanted to know if MCPD Enterprise Application Developer is much preferred in market than Windows Developer 3.5 and ASP.NET 3.5? If yes/no what exactly the courses do I need to pass in order to get MCPD Enterprise? I know that is there on the website but it is very confusing? Please assist me if you can.


  60. Farhan,

    I can’t tell you what the industry is preferring but I can tell you how well the certifications do.

    Enterprise developer will take you longer to get to because of all the exams required.

    My recommendation is this, concentrate on getting the MCPD ASP.NET 3.5 developer certification first.  This requires three exams.  While doing this, research job postings on you favorite job search site and see what employers are asking for.  Make you judgement based on that.

    For MCPD ASP.NET you will need to pass these three exams;

    70-536 http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-536.aspx

    70-562 http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-562.mspx

    70-564 http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-564.mspx

    This is the order you should take the exams.  Visit each URL above to see what training resources are available from Microsoft for preparation.


  61. Datta says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Would you suggest any other books for 70-564 exams? I have completed my MCTS by clearing 70-536 and 70-562 exams.

    Is it okay to use MCTS 70-547 book to start with?



  62. Hi Datta,

    Although you can start with that book, it’s certainly not complete enough to help you study for the exam.  I would suggest using the prep guide and MSDN to ensure you have complete coverage.

    There are enough changes in the new exam that the book for 547 would only cover a portion of the contents.


  63. Scott says:


    Dear Gerry,

    things are being made very confussing for new students, every business needs new students to follow, so why are the MCPD’s certification paths being developed in a confussing way?… Your jobs and Microsoft future depend also on people making an effort and investing time and money, to do these certifications.

    If a product is old or out-dated, then it shouldn’t be given to new students!!!

    I started my path as a new student, for MCPD in EAD, in June 09. My course is a full-time course, at a Microsoft partner – business college.

    At the start of my course I was given 70-536 and passed, then I was given 70-528 passed and now I’m starting on 70-547.

    (Is the 70-728 / 70-547 going to be out of date, worthless for the up to date standard?)

    My problem: What is the best certification path I should be on to go forward now, my goal was to achieve MCPD?… I don’t want to be finished in DEC 09 and find out I’ve been given old learning material and done certification that’s useless and out dated (2005) or have to re-sit up-date certification just to be up to date!!!!…. That shouldn’t be after just completing 6 month study!!  

    If I’m sitting certification now, it should be clear which path is to be taken. I want to be advised correctly and be useful out in the job world, not out dated.

    Most of all, I want to know, that I’ve learnt the correct material, for present day requirements.

    If I look at the MS MCPD web site, it shows the 3.5 version and for EAD it shows the 70-536 but the

    70-528 or 70-547 is not credited for the (70-562 / 70-565).

    This is a very frustrating situation and I’m tired of asking MS services to give clear and knowledgable answers.

    What’s the situation?… Have I been advised correctly and given the right path and material????

    Thanks in advance


  64. Hi Scott,

    Where to start on a reply to your post…..

    First of all, the IT industry changes at a rapid pace.  Keeping up is difficult at the best of times.  To be entering the IT industry as a new hopeful, is certainly overwhelming.

    Let me first explain our certification strategy to you.

    Microsoft creates certifications based on the products that Microsoft releases and how these products are used in the industry.  This means that at any point in time, we can have multiple versions of certifications in the market to satisfy the market demand or product usage.

    Not every organization updates to the latest product and not every organization remains on existing products.  We attempt to ensure that candidates have ample selection in the certifications they need or want.  This is based on released products but also on market research on what employers want.

    I can understand how someone who is new to the certification world, especially Microsoft Certifications, can find the plethora of options confusing.  However there is a simple solution to almost every problem.  You merely need to determine which version of a product you wish to be certified on, locate that page on the Microsoft Learning web site at http://www.microsoft.com/learning and all will be revealed.  There are numerous requirements for an MCPD but they are all clearly laid out on those pages, by product version.

    Now, a lot of what I see in your post, relates to  what you are being taught or ar learning.  I can only assume when you say, "At the start of my course..", that you are referring to a course you are taking at a school.  If so, I want to be clear on this matter.  Microsoft does NOT dictate to any school what they must teach or how they teach it.  We do NOT tell them what certifications they must include, if any, in their curriculum.  If your school is providing certification on Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0, I can only assume there is a valid reason for it and I will not defend the choice nor will I condemn it.  Their curriculum is not decided by myself or by Microsoft.

    Will you be out of date in December 2009?  Not as long as Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 are still prevalent in the industry and still being used by companies.

    Will there be newer versions?  Yes.  There are currently certifications on Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5.  We are getting ready to create the design and exams for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 which will be released in the first half of 2010.

    Does this mean you are out of date?  Yes and no.  If you seek employment from someone who is using VS 2005, then no.  If you seek employment from someone who is using ONLY VS 2010, then potentially.  I say potentially here because employers know that it takes time to ramp up on new technologies.  So, a certification on an earlier version of Visual Studio may be perfectly ok.

    The simple fact of the matter is that technology will continue to change.  Microsoft will continue to create new versions of its products and we will continue to support those new products with new certifications.

    Remember, certification is not forced upon you or anyone else.  It is another tool that helps to validate your skills and knowledge on a version of a product. Certification is not a tool to use that says "I passed this exam so I’m an expert now."  You require hands-on experience with any product to become proficient at it.

    You have mentioned a couple of times that you want to know if you have been advised correctly.  I can’t answer that because I don’t know what you were given for advice.  You have embarked on an education path that you chose.  If it includes certifications, then that is a good thing.  If is the wrong certification for what you want to achieve, you need to discuss that with your educational institution.  I can only advise on what certifications Microsoft has, what they are intended to do and how things are, or will be, in the certification industry as I see it based on my research.

    I never dictate a path through certification for anyone.  I offer guidance as to what each path leads to based on fact and let the candidate choose for themself.

    I think you’ll find that your educational institution has researched the market well enough to make the appropriate choices for their curriculum.  I would suggest you discuss this with one of their counselors to ensure you are enrolled in a program that meets your needs.  If the school, counselor, or you have any certification specific questions, I am more than happy to answer them.

    I certainly hope that you have not been lead to believe that the IT industry does not change nor require someone working in it to maintain their knowledge in the latest and greatest.  That is a part of working in this industry and it’s a fact that should be front and center for you if you intend to succeed.

    I’m not making excuses for the fast pace of change for Microsoft Certifications nor should I.  I am merely stating a fact.

    Now, having written half a novel in this reply, I do want to ask something of you.  If you find that our web site that explains the certifications confusing, please let me know what areas are causing the problem.  Perhaps we can change our messaging where it needs it to clear things up.


  65. Priyanka says:

    Hi, I am new to certifications. I would like to know if i can directly opt for MCPD 70-564 :

    Pro: Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

    or am i required to have a some other certification for having this one..

  66. Hi Priyanka,

    The answer to your question is twofold.

    1) You can take the exam whenever you want.  There is no prerequisite to taking the exams nor do they need to be taken in any specific order.

    2) You will not achieve the MCPD until you meet the necessary prerequisites for that certification which are exams 70-536 and 70-562 to achieve the MCTS ASP.NET developer certification.

    Once you have successfully completed all three exams, you will then be awarded the MCPD certification.


  67. Steve says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of working towards becoming MCPD qualified.  The business I work in uses more windows application development than web, so I haven’t got any experience of asp.net.

    The Windows application development route gives credit towards MCPD, I wanted to know what other exams I would need to take to gain the amount of credits needed and whether I could do various windows application exams to gain enough credits or whether I should/need to complete the Enterprise App Dev in order to gain MCPD?



  68. Hi Steve,

    First of all, to help, I need to know which version of the framework you want to concentrate on.  Each track for Windows developer has specific exams required to gain an MCPD credential.  For example;

    MCPD Windows Applications Developer .NET 2.0




    MCPD Windows Applications Developer .NET 3.5




    There is not requirement to take the exams for the MCPD Enterprise unless you want to, but not necessary to get the MCPD for Windows applications developer.

    You can find more information on these paths here;



  69. Peter says:

    I am preparing for MCPD web dev track. Should I take 70-528 first or 70-536 first?

    Best Regards,


  70. Hi Peter,

    You can take them in either order but if you take 536 first, you will test your core .NET knowledge prior to taking on the 528 exam.


  71. Sairi says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I’m kind of new to all this. Been working on Web site designing .  I was thinking of taking a C#/VB class for beginner through Advanced level. They also ofer a beg, int, and advanced class on ASP.NET 3.5. I was wondering should I take the ASP.NET class instead and  go for the MCTS.NET cert for 3.5? and aslo very interested in  Windows Application Developing.Which one would be the best choice to complete first ,

    I asked the same above question to Microsoft Certification Guidance Team in chat ,the below was the answer and honestly I dint understood ..


    David: Exam 70-536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework – Application Development Foundation

    David: Exam 70-562: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development

    David: and

    David: Exam 70-564: Pro: Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5


    Basically please suggest ,where to start and what to start from..

    Is there any Core foundation books for C#,VB and ASP.net3.5

    Please Suggest me the best path to enter into mentioned technologies.

    Reply anticipated.

    Thank you in advance

  72. Hi Sairi,

    If your desire is to learn to program Web applications on the Microsoft platform, then ASP.NET is the way to go.  You will need to understand either C# or VB to program in ASP.NET.  Some would say that you can learn any .NET language but most of the training that you will encounter revolves around these two languages.  I won’t tell you which one you should choose, that is a personal choice.  I program in VB, C#, C++, and Java and use each language for different projects.  I really have no favorite although VB is what I started with because of my history with BASIC and Visual Basic 3.0.

    My recommendation for your certification path is to look at .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 rather than 3.5, at this time.  Our certification exams for .NET 4 will be out at the end of June and that leaves you plenty of time to get started on your studying.  There will be MS Press Training Kits for the MCTS exams.

    There are existing training kits, classroom, and eLearning courseware for VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 now if you want to get started.

    There are too many options to choose from and they will depend on your learning style.  I suggest you visit this site, http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/cert-vstudio.aspx, look at the options, the skills measured sections and the training materials listed for each exam on there and choose the best method for preparation that suits your learning style.

    Personally, I use the MS Press training kits for each exam.  To start with, there are also Step-by-Step series of books for each language too, (C# and VB).  If you are not familiar with these languages, these Step-by-Step books are a great way to get started.


  73. Sairi says:

    Hi Gerrry,

    I appreciate your response..Thank you once again


    "Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." — Sydney J. Harris

  74. S Gopivishwanath says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I would like to take examination on .Net 3.5 Asp.Net development. I understand the below certification help me to gain knowledge..

    Exam 70-536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework – Application Development Foundation

    Exam 70-562: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development

    For above two subjects, I am able to find the self paced training kit from Microsoft.But for below subject 70-564,still training kit is missing. Is Microsoft not interested to provide direction or training material for exam 70-564.Please inform us,if you know the resource similar to self paced training for exam 70-564

    Exam 70-564: Pro: Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

  75. Microsoft has not and will not be creating a training kit for exam 70-564.  There are many reasons for this which I won’t go into again as they have been covered on this blog before.

    Unfortunately, I am not aware of other training kits from other vendors so I cannot make recommendations on that aspect.

    I can tell you that using the prep guide for the exam, existing product documentation and experience will prepare you for the exam.


  76. Tshifhiwa says:

    Hi Gerry, I have written my MCTS exams in .NET 2.0 I want to have MCPD, can I still write required exams to be MCPD in .net 2.0 or I must upgrade my MCTS to say .net 3.5 first? and then upgrade MCPD?

  77. Hi Tshifhiwa,

    The MCPD exams for .NET 2.0 are still available which means you can still achieve your MCPD in 2.0 if you want.  You don’t have to move to 3.5 if you don’t want to.


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