Do Not Abuse the Email Link

For those of you who are using the Email link at the top of this blog, please note that I will not answer your email directly.  If you have a question around certifications, post to this blog under one of my posts.

I will receive notification of your post and question and will answer it on the blog.

The Email link is only there for those who need to send me specific information that is NOT for public view.  Any unsolicited email to this contact list will be ignored.  I cannot possibly accept private requests in a timely fashion nor do I wish my email to be made available to everyone due to spam and other phishing attempts.

Thanks for your understanding.



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  1. Martin says:

    Maybe I am just to stupid, but I can’t see any Mail or Contact links in your blog. Maybe it is only visible inside the Microsoft network?

    So even if I wished to abuse the email link, I couldn’t.

  2. HI Martin,

    You are not stupid at all. I removed it because people were abusing it.

    If someone has something that is important to communicate to me directly, I will use other methods, or enable it briefly for that communication, and then disable it again.


  3. Robert says:

    Question for Exam 70-501.  I can find the exam home where the most basic test is.  BUT, this is all I find on this exam.  It seems I am refered to, which seems to be Microsoft’s Web Hosting site.  Unlike other tests for or other such tests this is all I find.  The E-Learning option is $190 but this is about all I find.  Any thoughts?

  4. Hi Robert.

    I’m not certain what information you are looking for beyond what is point to at the exam prep guide page.

    The prep guide lists the topcis that will be covered on the exam and it lists training resources, of which Microsoft currently only offers elearning, and other links to various technical resources. is a web site that allows you to learn more about hosted services by watching demos and test driving some of the services that are available for hosting.

    Our prep guides do not typically point third party resources but you can find plenty of information on the product at the links provided on the prep guide page.

    Was there other specific information that you were looking for beyond what is available there?


  5. Robert says:

    I guess I just dont see 501 information alot, or as much as others like 536, 431, etc.  Is there a list somewhere that compares the number of certified members worldwide for each test?  I have seen one but I do not remember where it was, or whose blog it was I saw it on.  501 does seem like one of the basic certs, good for application hosters.


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