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Are you familiar with Microsoft Learning’s Second Shot program for exams?  If so, we are looking for feedback from MCPs on Second Shot and certification. So not only those who took advantage of the offer but those who heard about it but didn't act. It only has about 12 questions and should take less than 2 minutes.

Please take a few moments and complete our short survey.



Comments (10)

  1. Tarique says:

    Well, second shot is great to have. I doubt if there is any person who will disagree with it

    Saves us money in case we fail it the first time. Also takes away a lot of the stress.

    The question is, how long will you guys at Microsoft offer it and lose potential revenue 🙂 ?

    (Forever would be a good answer 😉 )

  2. says:

    Second shot is definitely good.

    It definitely benefits those who fail the first time.

    I personally prefer the 40% off for the first shot itself – like the ‘First to know’ offer.

    It saves me money and also kind of encourages me to take the exam sooner.

    Some kind of discount if you purchase ‘n’ or more exams at the same time will also be good.

  3. becn says:

    so far i’ve never actually had to use it but it has definitly encouraged me to sit much sooner than I otherwise would have.

  4. Rob says:

    Second shot is fine for people that don’t have the skillset required for the exam but want to try and fluke a pass anyway, it’s also fine for people that do have the skillset but can’t be bothered to prepare for the exam.

    For people that have the skillset and have put the effort in preparing for the exam, and as such, have every intention and likelyhood to pass first time, the second shot is pretty worthless.

  5. Good comments, thank you.

    Hopefully you all are filling out the survey too though.  🙂


  6. ryangaraygay says:

    Great offer. Filled the survey too. If I may also add, here’s some thoughts

    1. It’s a good encouragement for a number of those first timers I know to take their 1st exam

    2. As Rob mentioned "Those who don’t have the skillset required but want to try any way"

    3. Those who "think" they don’t have the skillset but they actually do and just isn’t confident enough or lack test taking skills/experience

    4. Have the skillset but don’t have time to review.

    With a lot of new things coming up lately though, most of those I know (including me) would rather prep for upcoming certs than review for current ones just to take advantage of this offer. So it might also be good to have this if the new certs are out.

    Thanks for all the innovations in certs and keep up the good work!

  7. Heiko Hatzfeld says:

    I think i agree with Rob here…

    I didnt take the 2nd shot exams. Instead i choose the discount voucher. I usually spend a good deal time preparing for those exams, and only take those exams where i have a good grasp of the subject area.

    But I think it is a good offer for 1st time test takers, who dont know what exactly to expect. I already took a bunch of MS Exams, and I think i know what MS wants me to know. So for me the discount was much more attractive.

  8. LaTisha says:

    Does anyone know if the second shot is valid with MS Office exams?

  9. Rohini says:

    Is there any possibility of extending this offer or shall we get this type offer in near future


  10. Trika says:

    Hi, I’m Trika in marketing. No news on that. We’re working on an exam offer for next year but can’t talk about it yet! Second shot wraps up on June 30, as planned.

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