SQL Server® 2005 to SQL 2008® Questions

I had this question asked to me from the contact form on my blog but I though it was important enough to post publicly as I am sure others are thinking along similar lines.

" Hi

Can the BI MCTS 2005 be used as a prerequisite for the 2008 MCITP?

I would like to do the 2005 MCTS while I wait for the new qualifications to come out, but if I am going to need to do the 2008 MCTS to do the 2008 MCITP, then I'd rather wait"

This is a very good question and one thing that we didn't really discuss on the Live Meeting, so I do apologize for that oversight.

The answer:

Because of the way we have created the new generations of certifications, they are very technology specific.  This serves many purposes such as allowing you to focus on specific areas that you want to, differentiating your certifications based on product versions, allowing hiring managers to better understand your qualifications...... The list goes on.

As a result of this, you will find that there are no more electives for exam tracks and the prerequisites become version specific.  That means you must  certify on the MCTS exam for the version of MCITP you want to achieve.

I never like to tell anyone to NOT take an exam because let's face it, that helps pay my salary right?  But, those who know me, will tell you that I am honest and up front.  So, what would I do?  If I wanted to be certified on 2008 and would NOT be using 2005 or don't see a need for 2005, then I would wait for the certs on 2008. 

If I am using SQL 2005 right now, then I would absolutely complete my MCTS in SQL 2005 at a minimum to prove my skills with that product.  Keep in mind that if you are an MCITP on SQL 2005 already, there will be a one exam upgrade in place to from MCITP SQL Server® 2005 to MCITP SQL Server® 2008.

Would I wait to start preparing?  No.  2008 is not a significant upgrade in SQL Serve®r 2005, well at this time anyway because I am still waiting for CTP 6 to see what is added/removed for features, so that means you can start learning SQL 2005 now if you aren't familiar with it already.

If you are on SQL Server® 2000 now, then do one of two things;

1) Grab the SQL Server® 2008 November CTP and start playing with it now.  I recommend the VHD and running it on Virtual Server or Virtual PC if you have Visual Studio 2005/2008 installed, or any .NET Framework 3.5 or earlier.

2) Grab a trial of SQL Server® 2005 and start kicking the tires on that so you can see the new technologies.



Comments (5)

  1. I had this question asked to me from the contact form on my blog but I though it was important enough

  2. Alex Rosa says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I’m a MCDBA and MCITP DB Admin, the new generation has a lifecycle police that require an update or refresh every three years from the date we earned it.

    Will SQL2K8 exams considered as an update or refresh?

    If I pass in SQL2K8 exam Will I earned the new one and maintain the old one? (off course, only the MCTIP)


  3. Hi Alex.

    We will be making an announcement about the new generation life cycle policy shortly.  I’d like to hold off on answering this question until such time as we have the formal communication ready.


  4. Mike says:

    If the certifications expire every three years, does this mean that one would have to retake the same exams/tests to keep them active??

  5. There will be a public announcement surrounding the 3 year expiration shortly.  I will defer comment until that time.


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