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It's time to put my petty complaints, personal thoughts and ideas on another blog and make this an official Microsoft Certification blog.

As a result, I have changed the title of the blog to better reflect the content that will reside here moving forward.  I also pledge to update and post in a more frequent manner than I have been, although I'm a firm believer that if you have nothing to say, it is better not to say anything.  Anyone who works with me will tell you that I am often quiet in meetings and don't speak up until asked to do so, or towards the end of the meeting.

I am a person who prefers to have all the information at hand, take time to review it, and then formulate my thoughts and responses before speaking up.  That transfers over into my blog as well.  Unless I have something to report, or am thinking out loud and seeking your opinions, I don't typically post.  I will however, seek to find more topics to discuss and post about so you can use this as a resource for what is taking place with Microsoft developer and SQL Server certifications.

Very shortly we will be announcing our decisions around the Visual Studio and SQL Server professional certifications.  I know that a lot of you are waiting for this announcement to see where you should concentrate on and we do apologize for the delay.  We want to ensure that our decisions are the right decisions for you and that they make the most sense in the long run for the program and for your needs.  It has been an incredible battle internally with this decision but I am confident that we have made the correct choice for all of our certified, and soon to be certified professionals around the world.

I am hoping that you will be happy with the decisions and support it, but as always, your opinions count and they do matter to us.  If you disagree, please provide those comments as well.  I greatly appreciate your feedback when the decision is announced.  The decision will be made public in a general announcement to the MCP community and I will post that same communication here as well.



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  1. It's time to put my petty complaints, personal thoughts and ideas on another blog and make this an

  2. Aberforth says:

    I am taking exam 70-536 next month, does it still count for .NET 3.5 exams??

  3. Aberforth, you will be happy to know that it does.  This exam is suitable for both 2.0 and 3.5 versions of the .NET certifications.


  4. Aberforth says:

    wow, thnx Gerry.

  5. Mike Herman says:

    Is there a date sceduled for the announcement yet?


  6. LOL, that will be the date we announce it.  🙂

    I expect that to be in the next week or two.


  7. ram says:

    will the 70-536 exam include the concepts of .net 3.5 (related to wpf,wcf and wwf)

  8. Hi ram,

    You can find out what’s on this exam by looking at the prep guide.

    Just core .NET fundamental stuff.


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