Visual Studio Certification Live Meeting Review

Thank you very much to everyone who attended the morning and afternoon sessions for this Live Meeting.  It was great to see the number of people we had at both.  I apologize to those who had difficulty getting connected to the second session.  There were some Live Meeting server difficulties at the time.

Thanks for some great questions and I hope that we answered them to your satisfaction.  I look forward to the SQL Server Live meeting coming up next month.

For those of you who could not attend due to conflicts or technical difficulties, we have recorded the session and you can view it here;

Enjoy the recording and if you have any questions as a result of what you see on this recording, please ask your questions here and I will try to answer them to your satisfaction.



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  1. Geovanny says:

    Can you publish a ppts of webcast?

  2. Hi Geovanny.

    You can view the entire live meeting at the URL above.  

    Just curious but, is there a specific reason you would like the ppts posted?


  3. doug_hall says:

    Hey Gerry,

    Thanks for the great information.

    A few people in the webcast q&a asked if  70-536 will be required for the new 2008 MCTS certs if they have already taken 70-553 and 70-554 upgrade exams – Trika wasn’t sure at the time.

    I’m in this boat and would also like to know. Is there an answer for this now?



  4. Hi Doug.

    You ask a very good question.  I will have to check with the MCT Transcripts to verify that we are giving credit for 70-536 to those who have passed 553 and 554.

    Did you take 536 alone or just the upgrade exams?  If you took just the upgrades, can you verify your transcript for me and see if you have credit for 70-536?

    The upgrade exams do pull from the 536 content but because they are not the complete 536 exam, I have to admit that I am not 100% certain if you are given credit for that.

    My personal opinion is that you should be awarded credit but it also begs the question, "If you achieve MCPD through the upgrade exams, do you also acheive the MCTS?"

    Not having taken the upgrades, I can’t answer that question as they wouldn’t be on my transcript and because I am still relatively new to the role, I need to dig deeper internally to find those answers.

    Check your transcript for me if you would please.


  5. doug_hall says:

    Hi Gerry,

    I’m sorry I mispoke (mistyped?).  I should have said I will be in this boat in the next couple of weeks after I take 554.

    I have not taken 536 separately.  I passed 553 last year and plan to pass 554 in the next couple of weeks.

    I did take a look at my transcript though.  After I passed 553 I noticed I was awarded an MCTS credential:

    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

     .Net Framework 2.0: Web Applications

     .Net Framework 2.0: Windows Applications

    Given this it seems that earning the the VS2008 MCTS credentials will not require me to take 536.  I hope this is the case.

    Thanks for the help!


  6. Doug, that answers the question.

    Because you did receive MCTS for Windows and Web that means you do have credit for 70-536.  As a result, it will carry over for the MCTS and MCPD for 3.5, and you will not have to take 536 seperately.

    I assume that will be good news?  🙂


  7. doug_hall says:

    Hye Gerry,

    Yes, this is good news.  Thanks a lot for your help clarifying that for me.


  8. Geovanny says:


    Yes, i need de ppts becouse i take a meeting whit another people of mi job, they are a comercial employes and need to know the new certificacion program.

    I hope your help.


  9. Hi Geovanny,

    Thanks for the clarification.  I did check with the others involved with this Live Meeting and they confirmed that we do not make the slides deck available seperate from the meeting.

    You can view them in the recording only.


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