.NET 3.5 Beta Exams Extended

That's right, we have extended the betas for 3 .NET exams.  We are looking at getting more candidates to take these exams to ensure adequate data for analysis before they are released in their live versions.

I know that these technologies listed below are new and that not many people are using WPF, WCF or WF in any great capacity yet.  I challenge you to test your knowledge of these developer technologies that will change the way you create applications in .NET.

I would like to remind you that these exams are free, that's right FREE.  Only your time invested is all it will cost you.  It is a great way to get certified early with no exam cost to you.  You can also use it as an assessment of you knowledge on these technologies so far.

Please take the time to consider taking one of these exams or forwarding the information on to friends, family and coworkers.  We don't often open beta exams up to the general public so take advantage of this while you can.

The necessary exam codes and prep guide links are posted here for your convenience with the registration link at the bottom of the post.

Please note the following restrictions before attempting to sign up:

1) Not available in China, India or Pakistan
2) There is no guarantee of a seat so register early.

1. 71-502 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - Windows Presentation Foundation

2. Extended through 2/8/08

3. Exam beta code - 502B1

4. Prep guide can be found here:  http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-502.mspx


1. 71-503 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - Windows Communication Foundation

2. Extended through 2/1/08

3. Exam beta code - 503B1

4. Prep guide can be found here:  http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-503.mspx


1. 71-504 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Workflow Foundation

2. Extended through 2/8/08

3. Exam beta code 504B1

4. Prep guide can be found here:  http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-504.mspx

Register for these exams by visiting,  http://www.register.prometric.com/ClientInformation.asp



Comments (33)
  1. That's right, we have extended the betas for 3 .NET exams.  We are looking at getting more candidates

  2. anonymous says:

    It’ll be great if the beta exams can be extended through the mid ot third week of February so as to give us some time to schedule them amidst our busy schedules at work.


  3. Please include your name in your posts.  I typically don’t allow anonymous posts but this is a valid question that I am sure others are asking.  If you use anonymous in the future, your posts will be deleted.

    To answer your question, this is the second time we have extended these betas.  The announcement went out on this blog and Trika’s blog on January 14th.

    I realize that people lead busy work and personal lives however, the longer we extend these betas, the longer it takes to get the live versions in market.  Not to mention the fact that many people have taken these exams already and are anxiously awaiting their results.  We cannot get those results until the beta periods close.

    There are a lot of factors that are dependant on the live release dates for these exams and we have already gone beyond the original agreements for their release.

    At this time, I doubt you will see them extend beyond the dates listed above.


  4. Yogesh says:

    I heard about Beta exam availability yesterday in the morning session of the webcast. Thanks for the opportunity to take the exam by extending the time. When I tried to register though in Sacramento, CA it is showing only tomorrow’s date available at all 3 exam centers. I was wondering if it takes time to synch up prometric’s system and their system is not yet honoring the extended period. Any idea?

  5. Hi Yogesh.

    The dates have been communicated to Prometric so they should be changed today.

    I will follow up with them to ensure they are updated ASAP.

    Thanks for the heads up.


  6. Titus says:

    I tried to schedule with Prometric (tried online but could not) and called their telephone reg line. They said there is no info on the extension yet. Called MCP support, they didn’t have the info either.

  7. GauravKalra says:

    Why Not India….


  8. rob_cert says:

    I’ve booked and cancelled doing these exams twice now. I think the short notice is a major drawback to the beta exams. I completely understand that it must be very hard knowing when the beta period will run, but if I had a few months notice saying something like "We intend to run the betas at the end of Jan 08" then it would make my revision timeline much more realistic.

    Maybe you did give that info, and I just missed it – but the first I heard about the beta exams is by catching a blog about them just as the beta period had started (last year)! Ah well, at least I’ve done lots of study to prepare for if/when they are properly released.

  9. From the Booth Babe’s blog : The dates for the following three betas have been extended and you are welcome

  10. Niall says:

    The problem now is not the schedule for me, but for the exam centre. We have only 1 prometric site in Stavanger(Norway) so its a tad difficult at times to schedule such exams. Normally we have to give the exam centre 4 to 5 weeks to get exams sorted.

  11. Hi Titus, please check again later today or tomorrow as the notice was sent to Prometric this morning.  Not sure how long it will take them to propagate that information out to their centers.

    GuaravKalra, India has shown to be problematic in the past with betas. I can’t go into specifics on a public forum as to what those issues where, but there is a very good reason.

    Rob, I understand about short notice.  Typically these invites do not go out to the public.  The original announcements are typically only made a couple of weeks prior to the start dates anyway.  We cannot be any sooner than that due to development schedules and finalizing the content etc.

    Niall, I am sorry that you need to schedule that far in advance.  I know your pain because as a Microsoft employee, I can only test at one center as well and that is typical of wait times here too.  Hence, I don’t often get to take betas myself.


  12. Peter Read says:

    If they had a longer duration I was considering doing them (WCF/WPF anyway), but circumstances wouldn’t allow me to do them until around 12/2/08 so I guess I’ll pass unless they’re extended again.

  13. dpwebs says:


    I also cancelled 70-504 this morning (I am in GMT+1 time zone) and now (it is 11PM here) on Prometric site it is not possible to schedule an exam yet… It would benice if extension of beta exam period would be announced 3-4 days before beta expiration so that we can reschedule appointments with our local prometric test centers… I read these comments and this is just a confirmation to thoughts already written in this thread. ON the other hand, it would be nice to have betas of preparation materials to these exams too so that we can also try them

  14. Niall Merrigan says:

    Thanks for your response Gerry. Hopefully the test centre will be able to accomodate me on this occasion. If not I will do the exam when it comes live.

  15. Shawn says:

    As of 8:15am EST this morning (1/25) the extended dates for the beta exams aren’t showing up on the Prometric web site.  Anyone else have any luck yet?  I’ll try again later today and tomorrow.

  16. JD says:

    I thought the betas were free.  When I try to register online at Prometric for the 71-504 exam, it’s asking for a credit card payment of $125.00.

  17. Titus says:

    Thanks Gerry!

    Prometric site has been updated!

    I was able to schedule the exams.

  18. Good to know Titus, thanks.

    JD, please try again.  There was an issue with the extension getting updated in time.

    All betas are free.


  19. Shawn says:

    I was able to register this afternoon.

    JD, be sure to select ‘Yes’ during the registration process when it asks whether you have a voucher or promotion code.  It is an easy to miss hyperlink.  Select promotion code and enter the code mentioned in the post above.

  20. Luis says:

    Hello Gerry,

    Do you know how these new exams will affect the MCPD certification? MCPD is currently based on .NET 2.0, I am just wondering if these new exams will be incorporated to it.


  21. In the past months, I've been writing a few posts on Microsoft certifications . Since there is more

  22. Hi Luis.

    These new exams will only affect the pro story for 3.5.  We have locked on that and will be communicating that out shortly.  

    There will be upgrade exams for MCPD 2.0 to MCPD 3.5.


  23. Felipe says:

    I registered for the WF exam, but then i canceled because I got more work than expected and less time to study and prepare for the exam. Can I register again ?? when i registered there was no extenssion time.

    Another question.

    What happens if I tested in WCF last year, and now I retest ?? Is it valid ??

  24. The exam is still available until Feb. 8, 2008 so yes you can register for it again.

    I’m not sure what you mean by testing last year and now retest.

    If you are saying that you took 71-503 in 2007 while it was in beta, then that still counts.  Because we extended the beta, it only makes the exam available longer.  It does not invalidate those who have taken the exam already.


  25. Peter Read says:

    Felipe – you only get one ‘bite of the cherry’ during beta if that’s what you’re getting at.

  26. The BETA certification exams for .NET Framework 3.5 have been extended through February 8th 2008, and

  27. Gerry just posted some information about the new ADO.NET 3.5 Exam and the new ASP.NET 3.5 Exam , but

  28. Sipho Ngubonde says:

    Gerry, how possible is this type of information reach developers out there globally. I haven’t heard of this free beta exams until I visit your blog.

  29. Hi Sipho.

    This information does not go out to the general public initially to ensure that we have qualified people taking the exams at first.  If we don’t get sufficient numbers to obtain valid research data, we extend the beta and open it to the public.

    If you are already certified, you will receive notice in the MCP Flash newsletters, but other than that, there is no far-reaching announcement that is made public initially.


  30. tarul@hotmail.com says:


    I see that 70-503 and 70-504 are live as of now (available for scheduling from 15th onwards) in Prometric site.

    Any idea how much longer (from the live date) it takes for the results of the Beta exams (71-503 and 71-504) to be available? days? weeks? Just curious!

    When will 70-502 be live? (and the beta results be available?)


  31. Hi Titus,

    Not sure why 70-502 is not listed there yet but I am checking into it.

    Also, even though the live date is the 14th, it will take Prometric a couple of days to get the results for the betas posted.

    Thanks for your patience.


  32. Valdet Bahrein says:

    I’m MCPD on NET 2.0 and I need to know what upgrade exams I need to take to keep my MCPD certification valid? On Microsoft Web Site it says 70-568 & 70-569 howevet it is not clear if I need to take 70-566 & 70-567?

    Please advise

  33. Hi Valdet,

    Your MCPD on .NET 2.0 is still valid and will continue to be valid until Microsoft ends mainstream support for Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0.

    If you decide you want to upgrade to .NET 3.5, visit this page, http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcpd/vstudio/2008/default.mspx#ELE

    It clearly outlines the exams that you must take to upgrade.  

    Choose your current MCPD cert from the left column and follow to the right to determine which exam(s) you must take to upgrade that cert to 3.5.


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