What To See in Barcelona?

What are the must see sites/locations/attractions while in Barcelona?  Keep in mind that my days will be spent at TechEd but I will have a fair bit of perhaps two days for some site seeing.

How much Spanish do I need to know? I've noticed some similarities to French so I hope I don't get too confused.  Did anyone see Mr. Bean's Holiday?  He went to Paris and was using oui for yes, non for no and Gracias for thank you.   What a hoot.

On that topic, I need to go see another movie again.  Perhaps this weekend.

So, back to Barcelona.  Help me find the best places to see while I am there.



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  1. Absolute must see – La Sagrada Familia Cathedral designed by Antonio Gaudi – still being built since it was started.  Climb a spire as well for the experience!

  2. Jimena says:

    well… i recomand you Gaudi’s art. it’s wonderfull.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions!  I’ll be sure to check them out.


  4. Glenn Block says:

    Segrada de Familia definitely. Also check out Park Guell. Las Ramblas is a main road which has a ton of cool shops and restaurants. Barrio Gotic (Gothic quarter) has some really old an interesting architecture. Placa de Cataluna is this giant square that has El Corte Ingles one of the largest department stores and good restaurants. Finally I recommend taking the On/Odd bus tour. It’s cheap and it will take you to all the sites. When you see something you like you just get off. Busses run like every 15 mins. Great to hear you are going. We should hook up 😉

  5. So, does that mean you are going as well Glenn?  Greg W. will also be there.

    Sounds like you’ve been there before.  🙂

    We should definitely hook up.


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