Clearwire..ISPs Have Us By The… (Addendum)

I meant to post this earlier when I talked about Clearwire but forgot.  There is one issue that I have not been able to resolve in my limited attempts so far.  Clearwire does not have a Usenet server and my attempts to connect to some public Usenet servers are returning errors about not being able to find the server.

I suspect Clearwire may have some ports blocked.  I'm not certain why an ISP would block 119 but you never know.

If anyone knows how to get Usenet access through Clearwire, please let me know.


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  1. christian Erickson says:

    BE Aware:

    I think you should know about the underhand and fraudulent methods that this internet company uses to continue to charge one credit cards for as long as they can get away with it. Let me tell you my story. I signed up with this company March of 06. I continued to use there service till May of 07 in which I canceled there service because my job took to Tucson, AZ. When I signed up, I ask that if I had to move I can cancel. No problem they said. I canceled in May of 07.  They required that I mailed the modem back to them. I was informed that I had to mail it back using a label send by email. I said fine.  I never receive the email. I asked if I can drop it off somewhere. No, only by mail will they accept. I thought this was strange. Meanwhile they continued to charge my credit card.  I ask them not to do that. Yet they continued. I never received the email. I than cancel that credit card that they were using. Four months later I found that they have been charging another credit card that I did not authorize. I called them and asked them how they got this credit card. No answer. They demanded the modem back and them they will cancel my account.  In the meantime they continue to charge my credit cards. I have not receive the email label. I have proof of all these and a recording of my conversation with Clear-wire reps. Please make the public aware of these fraudulent tactics. A very unhappy Clear-Wire internet user.

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