Home Renovations Are Not My Arena

So, I finally ended my rental period.  I hate paying someone else's mortgage and then walking away with nothing to show for it.  As a result, I bought a house.  Searching was a chore as I knew it would be.  Because I have 10+ computers, associated peripherals and desks, big screen TV, XBOXes etc, we needed a house that would support everything we have.  No!  I'm not ready to give up any of it.

Searching for a 1600+ sq ft house is not easy when you have a specific price range you can work in.  So, we found a 1200 sq ft house with a 2 car attached garage.  The garage is 367 sq ft.  Hmmmm.  What a nice family/computer/entertainment room!!

 Not wanting to pay someone to renovate it for me, I undertook the task myself with the help of my son.  Never again.  Not the son part but the entire room renovation thing.  I have come to numerous conclusions as a result.

1) I hate drywall and crack filling
2) I hate applying ceiling textures
3) I hate laying sub floor
4) I hate laying flooring (carpet)
5) I hate painting, so I had my wife and mother-in-law with neighbor, apply wall paper  (seriously shortens the crack fill sanding time with the right textured paper 🙂

On a plus side, I got a brand new Ridgid Wet/Dry Shop Vac, a brand new 3.7 SCFM air compressor with two nail guns and I have a honkin' 367 sq ft of family room!!


Comments (1)

  1. outburst says:

    Im glad u finally completed the project, i know what u mean……. all that is a lot of work.

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