Windows Mobile 6 Development

Speaking of new toys to play with.  Who's going to be on the bandwagon first for a WM6 device?  Unfortunately not me as I am still under contract with my current provider for my WM5 device.  However, that doesn't mean I can't start writing apps for WM6.

Currently, apps that you create using the WM5 SDK will run on WM6 devices.  How can you develop and test WM6 apps though?  The answer is, you have to wait until the SDK releases.  Current release dates as indicated on MSDN are March 1st.  There will be new emulator images in the SDK as well so if you're like me and you're locked into a WM5 device that the provider is not committing to an upgrade to WM6, then you can still test on the emulators.

The Windows Mobile team blog also talks about a May 1st refresh for the SDK for more samples and documentation.

Not having seen the SDK yet, I can't say for certain what language(s) the samples will be in but having been a former VB.NET MVP, I will be looking to see if VB samples are present.  If not, then look here for converted samples.  Although most of my development now takes place in C#, I still support my fellow VB coders and the VB.NET MVP community.

I'm not certain how many samples I can get created, again without seeing the SDK, but if you are a VB.NET dev and want to see some converted, drop me a line and I'll see about helping out.


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  1. Andy says:

    I didnt get any vb samples installed with my WM6 SDK??

    have you done a conversion on ApointmentsoverSMS??

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