Visual Studio Team Editions and Project 2007 Don’t Play Nice (Revised)

So, like all good MS citizens, I have ensured that Vista is installed on all my PCs, except for those obscure ones doing non-mainstream tasks.  Of course, I am also running Office 2007.  After all, why not have the latest and greatest?  Also, the next version of Office, (beyond 2007), is not available for testing yet. 🙂

As a result of wanting the newest on my PC, I also installed Microsoft Project 2007.  If you are using Team Foundation Server and any of the editions of VSTS, take note that it currently doesn't work well with the 2007 version of Project.  After setting up a team project, I opened the default Project template in VSTS and began adding work items.

I chose the Agile process for the project and when I started to enter tasks in Project, various drop down cells stopped working altogether and some even had their contents deleted.  This of course prevent publishing back to TFS.  When I switched back to Project 2003, all worked flawlessly.  The fix?  Orcas from what I understand. Excel 2007 still works great with VSTS however so you don't need to dump your complete Office 2007 install.

NOTE: This was tested using Visual Studio Team Suite on Vista.  Your mileage may vary so I recommend installing on a test machine first.

 Addendum:  It has been brought to my attention that SP1 is supposed to fix this issue.  I neglected to mention that I have SP1 for VSTS installed so I am skeptical at this point however, it was pointed out to me by one of our VSTS MVPs.  Having been one, I trust the opinion of MVPs and value their extertise so I will do some more testing and post my findings once complete.  Thanks ET!

 As it turns out, Etienne was correct, as I suspected, about SP1.  The problem was, I had already installed SP1 and therefore initially thought it was not the solution.  I reapplied SP1 to my work machine and voila!  Project 2007 now works correctly. 

Thanks again Etienne!

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