Microsoft Trustworthy Developer Content Strategy

Technorati Tags: developer content strategy,privacy,security I was at my Vice President’s (Scott Charney) all hands meeting last month. Scott was talking about the need to discuss online safety and Green IT to IT Pros and developers. I was taking some notes and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid came to mind. I thought of what Scott…


Joe Stagner’s Security Blog –

Everyone who is interested in learning about security needs to stay focused on this blog when it launches. This is Joe’s new security blog that he’s going to manage from Scott Guthrie’s team. It’s going to be good. This is sort of like getting the advanced warning that Jackson is going to start filming the Lord…

Digital Black Belt Series

This is an older on demand webcast series, but I’m considering resurrecting this next year.   Digital Blackbelt Series


Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) download now available

As part of its commitment to a more secure and trustworthy computing ecosystem, Microsoft is making the details of the SDL process generally available online for the first time. IT policy makers and software development organizations can leverage this 78 page document to enhance and inform their own software security and privacy assurance programs. Microsoft…

Joe Stagner – How do I videos on developer security

For those of you who know Joe Stagner and his days hosting live events, live TechNet Webcasts, and presenting at TechEd sessions, enough said. Just check out his blogs below. Joe is going to start a series of how do I developer security videos on Microsoft developer tools and technologies. They’re going to be awesome….

TechEd 2008 is coming!

Are you going to TechEd 2008? If so, please stop by our Security Development Lifecycle booth and chat with us about how you plan for security and threat modeling in your application design and development. Microsoft TechEd 2008 Website In the mean time check out  Adam’s post on SDL and threat modeling. He’s attached a…


Writing Secure Code on msdn online

Writing Secure Code "One of the key things that developers can do to help secure their systems is to write code that can withstand attack and use security features properly. This page contains links to best practices and how-to articles on writing secure code."


How To: Protect From SQL Injection in ASP.NET

Looks like SQL Injections attacks are taking place. Check out the article at Computerworld. If you’re not sure on how to protect your site from these attacks, please take a look at our article, "How To: Protect From SQL Injection in ASP.NET", on msdn online.


A Look Inside the Security Development Lifecycle at Microsoft – by Michael Howard

Yes, he is the man. Really good read. If you’re new to application development and haven’t worked much with security, Michael’s got tons of articles on msdn online that you can read in addition to his books he’s published. A Look Inside the Security Development Lifecycle at Microsoft Technorati Tags: Security Development Lifecycle Threat Modelling


Michael Howard – Required Reading

Technorati Tags: Writing Secure Code If you’re looking to better understand writing secure code, Michael Howard’s blog and his books are required reading. Yes, he wrote the book on Writing Secure Code. Really. Michael Howard’s Blog George