Schneier on Security: Internet Quarantines

  Interesting ideas on Internet quarantines and the challenges we face as an industry if we go down this path. Definitely worth reading and understanding. Schneier on Security: Internet Quarantines


SDL Tools Videos Coming Soon…

  I’m working with the Microsoft SDL team to make some how to videos on the Microsoft SDL toolset. Pretty soon you’re going to see a collection of videos on how the Microsoft SDL toolset all works together. I got a chance to interview and listen to the likes of Michael Howard, Adam Shostack, Bryan…


Sensor-driven UIs will push smartphone application development – SD Times: Software Development News

  I’m not sure how they plan to use gyroscopes with apps, but this looks like smartphones are going to get much more interactive. “GPS, accelerometers and gyroscopes will add functions to smartphones by 2013, according to ABI Research. The analyst firm anticipates that the sensor-driven user interfaces will be a major factor in the…


What application developers really want | Application development – InfoWorld

  “Incomplete or garbled business requirements are the bane of enterprise application development, so no wonder the respondents picked "proper communication" of those requirements as the biggest obstacle. Tools for creating prototypes and programming methodologies that encourage business/developer collaboration just seem to get better year after year.”  What application developers really want | Application development…


Google defends Germany Street View rollout | Technology |

  I think this falls under the heading of just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Google and others looking to do aerial and street mapping of government and private property should get permission before  violating national security or individual privacy rights. “Google has defended the rollout of its Street View mapping service in…


Facebook’s new security tools are simple and smart | ZDNet

  This sounds like a step in the right direction for ensuring better user privacy. “Temporary passwords, remote logouts and account recovery updates are all intended to give users more ways to protect themselves.” Facebook’s new security tools are simple and smart | ZDNet

0 – FBI Charges Dozens in Global Computer Virus Scam

  Organized crime using viruses to rob banks, quote, “Federal authorities announced charges Thursday afternoon against 60 people worldwide in connection with the scheme, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said, an expansion on the Tuesday arrest of 19 people in London accused of stealing nearly $10 million from U.K. banks. Federal prosecutors accused the defendants…