Google Privacy Practices Worse Than ISP Snooping, AT&T Charges

  Still think security and privacy are no big deal for developers to worry about? Well then take a look at what AT&T testified to in front of the United States Congress early last week. AT&T write below… "And if Google does combine its third-party cookie information, with user’s search histories, with Gmail summaries, and…


Is Threat Modeling Right For You?

  Be sure to check out Talhah Mir’s blog on threat modeling. Also check out the last post  from Talhah Mir on a post by Akshay Aggarwal on threatmodeling. Here’s Akshay’s post from his blog site.


Online Safety

  Microsoft has invested considerable time and effort along with other software companies to ensure children and families are safe online. It’s best to check out these resources now before you actually need them. Too name a few:   If you’re a developer working for a ISV, you can help by providing…


Google Says Complete Privacy Does Not Exist

  Google Says Complete Privacy Does Not Exist. Posted by samzenpus on Thursday July 31, @07:57AM from the open-books dept. schliz writes "In a submission to court, Google is arguing that in the modern world there can be no expectation of privacy. Google is being sued by a Pennsylvania couple after their home appeared on…


Microsoft Trustworthy Developer Content Strategy

Technorati Tags: developer content strategy,privacy,security I was at my Vice President’s (Scott Charney) all hands meeting last month. Scott was talking about the need to discuss online safety and Green IT to IT Pros and developers. I was taking some notes and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid came to mind. I thought of what Scott…


Live Search is Ready

This week I switched to Live Search after listening to Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech at MGX FY09. I’ve used live search in the past, but have been disappointed with the results. So I’ve been using Google Search for the past few years. I tried Live search this Monday, and I have to say, it’s as…


Microsoft Worldwide ISV contest

  Michael Walsh asked me to mention this on my blog again. Frankly, I’m more than happy to do so, as it’s my Microsoft that’s stepping up again to do the right thing. So I (Georgeo Xavier Pulikkathara) am calling for ISVs worldwide to join  the Ingenuity Point Contest. Microsoft wants to make you famous….


Microsoft developers trim code internally to cut costs

//from InfoWorld Article//   You likely know already what a resource hog Windows Vista is. The fat code has high system requirements and puts a heavy strain on your hardware, as evidenced by the data Randall Kennedy has collected through InfoWorld’s Window Sentinel program. And guess what? Fat code also translates to higher energy consumption…


The Business Case for the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

I got this question alot at TechEd 2008. “Hey George, do you have anything I can show my management to justify the developer resources to focus on security throughout my application development process?” or “Hey George, do you have any case studies that show the business case for implementing the SDL?” Or my favorite one,…


Growing Up Online Q&A Rachel Dretzin & Stephen Balkam Part 1

Kim Sanchez on our team forwarded this to me. It’s really good interview from a psychological aspect on the online behavior and how it differs from the offline public behavior that people display and act on. Definitely worth listening to. If your a developer out there writing software for social networking and chat rooms, online…