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Saturday Night, Michael Walsh over here in Microsoft Trustworthy Computing sent me an email asking me to take a look at the Microsoft Environment site here at and blog my thoughts on it.  We work  with the technology industry and with our partners  in a responsible manner to address these issues worldwide. The quote on the Website does a great job of summarizing how Microsoft works these days.

"At Microsoft, we believe in the potential of software and technology to help people and businesses around the world foster environmental sustainability. Discover how Microsoft and its partners use innovative technologies and responsible business practices to address environmental challenges worldwide."


Environmental conservation can be addressed intelligently. Microsoft Tools and technologies can help minimize the carbon footprint technology makes on our planet.  I've cited some examples below, but if you're not looking at Windows Server 2008 or other energy saving measures in light of today's ever increasing energy prices, you're going to have to start soon. The Microsoft Environment Site has lots of useful information for students, governmental agencies, non governmental agencies (NGOs), business decision makers, technical decision makers, consumers, and our partners who want to know how they can help sustain the environment with the power of software.



Windows 2008 Power Savings

Be sure to check out this PDF on Windows 2008 out of the box Power Savings. The graph below says it all.



Energy Efficiency Best Practices in Microsoft Data Center Operations


How Can Technology Sustain the Environment in the 21st Century?

This is a very cool section and has section on application power management best practices for Windows Vista.

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