Digital Black Belt Series

This is an older on demand webcast series, but I'm considering resurrecting this next year.


Digital Blackbelt Series

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  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    George, it would be great if you came out with a blackbelt series for the infrastructure/engineering side of the house as well.

  2. So it sounds like your’e saying combine the promotion for developers with that for IT Pros as well?


  3. Wayne Anderson says:

    Yeah, it would be great to see some highlighted security series for IT pros made widely availible / widely advertised / announced.

    I recently have been participating in threads both internally at work and on public security focus’ Microsoft list indicating there is a bit of interest on both the client and server sides of the equasion for an explanatory series of windows-based security practices webcasts.

  4. Wayne Anderson says:

    To clarify, the concept is excellent, I would love to see some IT engineering / infrastructure practices covered as well in the same type of format with less focus on a specific product (like forefront) and more focus on practices and thought priocesses that allow architects to design and build more secure systems.

    What should they be thinking about in WAN links?  

    What about physical environment security?

    Documenting data classification on per server basis?

    Avoiding the anti-practices of the past (security by obscurity, etc)?

    These are things that you or I, or anyone who has been involved with security for a while would be familiar with.  Its my experience that many administrators out there just dont have the exposure to the solid background that allows them to go beyond the tactical implementation of per-product security options to a properly secured holistic design.

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