CM12 Unable to deploy Office 2010 SP1 – "In Progress" console state

Someone may face the following issue, when deploying an Office 2010 SP1 package to Windows 7 clients. The ConfMgr12 may be unable to install that Office 2010 SP1 package successfully and in the console, it may appear as in "In progress" state.

In that case, you will need to check for lines like the following in the log files:

Download failed for content 74d33bbf-e210-4cee-b3b0-682e219af168.1 under context System, error 0x800705b4 ContentAccess        

Download failed for download request {4D843245-19F0-4946-9E5A-871F56946BE0} ContentAccess        

CCTMJob::UpdateLocations - Received empty location update for CTM Job {554E0342-63FC-4C91-8584-B488ADED27F2} ContentTransferManager       

CTM job {554E0342-63FC-4C91-8584-B488ADED27F2} suspended ContentTransferManager     

Begin checking Alternate Network Configuration LocationServices

Calling back with empty distribution points list LocationServices 

The above mean that the clients were trying to fetch the required software, but they couldn’t locate it in the DP. We tried to check the DP for missing content and the content was not located there.
We additionally used the Report “Management 7 – Updates in a deployment missing content” to ensure that there is in fact missing content (in similar cases, there are missing language packs from the advertisement) and we figured out from the above lines, that the clients probably had some language's proofing tools installed. So, we needed to add those in the deployment too.

We finally managed to deploy Office 2010 SP1 successfully, after adding those to a new deployment.

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