CM2012 packages are not distributed to Windows Server 2003 R2 DPs

When using the brand new System Center Configuration Manager 2012, you may discover the following behavior:

If you deploy some of your DPs to some Windows 2003 R2 servers, you will notice errors when a package is distributed to them and the transfer is completed.
This package is not added to the content library and errors like the following may appear in the smsdpprov.log:

[BFC][Wed 05/02/2012 15:11:41]:CFileLibrary::AddFile failed; 0x80040154
[BFC][Wed 05/02/2012 15:11:41]:CFileLibrary::AddFile failed; 0x80040154
[BFC][Wed 05/02/2012 15:11:41]:CContentDefinition::AddFile failed; 0x80040154

Until now, no documentation exist on the topic and no official white paper or specific instructions, on how to deploy CM2012 DPs for Windows 2003 servers
(it is nothing special really, but it seems that the following resolution method could be noted specifically).

The reason for this behavior is that the Remote Differential Compression feature is NOT enabled on the Windows 2003 Distribution Points.
This is probably because CM2012 fully supports the latest OSes like Windows 2008 R2, so maybe there is a need for manual intervention for earlier/legacy OSes on specific
issues. At this point, we do not know if it is just specific to PXE enabled DP’s or not, however it does seem that CM does not check if the RDC feature on Windows 2003 is enabled.

If you enable the RDC feature manually, then this issue is probably resolved!!

The way to enable the RDC it is the following:

You need to run the msrdcoob_x86.exe, located in the following Win2003 R2 server path: Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client\i386\ and then update the packages that you have distributed to these servers, on the parent site.

[A reboot may be required to finish the installation / configuration of IIS on the machine.
If your Distribution Point shows an error, in the Distribution Point Configuration Status located under the Distribution Status, it may indicate that the DP machines needs to be rebooted. So, you also need to check the status].

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  1. Nick M says:

    This is still a problem in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1…

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