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CM12 SCCMContentLib content, can be backed-up and re-used?

If your systems run under Configuration Manager 2012, you may fall into a question on  SCCMContentLib like the following: If you un-install a secondary site and re-install a Distribution Point on the same machine, can you use the SCCMContentLib from the secondary site for this new DP, without a new transfer ofthe content to be…


Intune – Several Mobile Devices have the status "Blocked"?

If you face any issue with Intune-ConfMgr managed mobile devices, where some devices appear as “blocked” in the confMgr console, then you need to check the following: Can you confirm if any of these users were ever removed from the Intune User collection, under Configuration Manager console, after enrollment? If so, that would block the devices…


SPS2010 big list error: "Unable to execute query: Error 0x80131530"

You may fall into the situation where in a SharePoint Server 2010 farm, when a user of a specific group is trying to query a big list (>10000 items listed), he receives a Time out error.If one of those users is added in another group, then he doesn’t receive any such error. If you check the…


CM12 – How to clean the ccmcache

In case you need to clean the ccmcache on the configuration Manager 2012 client, you can manually clean it up from the Control Panel’s applet or, use a script to do that (alot of scripts exist in the internet). But what if you need to automatically clean up the cache i.e. in case it has…


Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Endpoint Protection client – failover path scenario

EP definition and Engine update failover scenario:A customer has set UNC as a failover option in EndPoint Protection on a CM12 R2 environment. If the connection to the Configuration Manager is lost, then he may face the following behavior:The clients fail over to UNC as expected, they download the full EP package (100mb +) (mpam-d.exe , mpam-fe.exe,…


How to install patches in an isolated environment

How to install windows updates in isolated environments? (WSUS or Configuration Manager) All required information is listed in the above two MS pages: Networks disconnected from the Internet It is unnecessary for your entire network to be connected to the Internet in order for you to use WSUS. If you have a network segment that…


CM12 R2’s WSUS server’s corrupted WID (windows Internal database)

You may face sometimes, issue with CM12 R2’s WSUS server. It can be that the WID is corrupted and cannot be repaired.Moreover the WSUS Service starts and stops after a while…So you try to uninstall and re-install WSUS, but while performing the post-install operations, the following error is shown: C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools>wsusutil postinstall CONTENT_DIR=”F:\WSUS”Log file is located…


SPS13 – How to fully backup a SharePoint Farm

In general , you need to backup the whole farm through the SharePoint UI and/or the SQL databases. It depends on each customer to create a working backup plan and test it in a regular interval. More information you may find at the following links: Plan for backup and recovery in…


DPM 2012 SP1 RU2 – Huge System Volume Information folder

If you face the following behavior in DPM 2012 SP1 RU2: “Huge System Volume Information folder while backing up  high available Hyper-V VMs”,  you need to delete the dpmfilter files and update the servers with the below hotfixes. To get to a clean state, please delete the DpmFilter* files from “System Volume Information” using the following steps:…