OFF TOPIC: Introducing the Premier Developer Blog Site

I am adding this post to showcase the work of my teammates here at Microsoft. The below information is from the official announcement. I am very honored to be highlighted in their initial rollout. Please be sure to link to this new site, as I am sure it will be teeming with great information over…


Off Topic – Using Outlook to Manage Tasks

I struggle a lot with trying to manage my daily chores and tasks, especially since I suffer from ADHD (clinically diagnosed). I recently asked my teammates how they managed their list of tasks and action items and ToDo lists, and I was surprised to hear that many of them are also looking for a simple…


Off Topic – Microsoft Surface Pro II review

    I have to digress from my normal load test posts for a minute to talk about my new computer. I have been kicking around the idea of getting a tablet or a Surface or a slate of some type for a while, but I have held off because of my requirements for a machine….