Dissecting the Visual Studio Load Test Results Database (Part 6–Data Warehousing)

In the previous post, I showed how I use a couple of stored procedures to recalculate data based on various criteria. In this post, I am going to share a few data tables that I use to store “Warehousing” data to make reports faster and easier to create. In the next post I will show…


Dissecting the Visual Studio Load Test Results Database (Part 4–Building Better Views)

In the previous posts of this series, I focused on showing you the built in features of the Load Test Results Database. The next few posts will focus on customizing and extending the database. The Mystery of the Perfmon Page Counters There are two ways you can look at the details for pages, transactions, etc…


[FIXED] Importing and Exporting Perfmon Counters [download]

(NOTE: A bug was reported about errors (missing stored procedures) when trying to add the SQL file to the DB.I have fixed that bug and moved the downloads to CodePlex. Please use this link to get the tool: https://perfmonimportexport.codeplex.com/ ) I am posting this utility to help people who need to import or export perfmon…


Code Snippets, Templates and Perfmon Countersets [download]

I am sharing a set of tools I use during many of my engagements and projects. These tools have been written by myself and my ITSM teammates over the past several years.  The zip file includes the following (each item has a Word document explaining how to install and use): C# Project and Item Templates…


[UPDATED] Adding Timers to Coded UI tests running in Load Tests

  I have uploaded a sample App and Coded UI test project for the app with the below code in it. This sample also shows a couple of examples of how to wait for events and how to randomly pick values from screen items. Enjoy and please send feedback. By default, Visual Studio does not…


Random Data Generator

This tool is used to create realistic random data for use in performing load testing. It includes a PowerPoint that discusses the importance of good data and includes information about how the tool generates data you can use. RandomDataGenerator.zip