OFF TOPIC: Introducing the Premier Developer Blog Site

I am adding this post to showcase the work of my teammates here at Microsoft. The below information is from the official announcement. I am very honored to be highlighted in their initial rollout. Please be sure to link to this new site, as I am sure it will be teeming with great information over the next several months.

Premier Developer has created a new blog on MSDN to highlight the many ways we work with customers to build better software. Each month, we will spotlight high-impact services and showcase some of the distinguished consultants that guide our customers through an ever changing development landscape. These are all services included as part of the relationship you have in place with Premier Developer, so if you see something that peaks your interest—reach out to your ADM. The blog is great way to stay informed of valuable services and get to know some of the talented people we make available to your team.

In the spotlight this WEEK:

Developer Essentials Passport

We are officially launching the first Chalk Talk Passport, titled “Developer Essentials”.  Our objective is to create a series of Passports that cover a variety of topics in depth (300+ level).  This is an easy way to ensure your Development Teams are well oriented with the latest and greatest Developer topics on a monthly basis.  Topics include Design Patterns, Entity Framework, Web API, LINQ, Model View Patterns, SignalR, SDLC, SSAS, SQL Data Tools, Advanced Debugging, Azure Development, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and SQL In-Memory OLTP.

Testing the Testing Strategy featuring Premier Development Consultant, Geoff Gray

“My old team has a very simple slogan: “We test WITH you, not FOR you.” That phrase sums up one of the most important reasons the engagements are so successful. It takes a team of skilled people to effectively design and execute performance load tests. I will also tell you that the people I have the privilege of working with all have several years of experience in their respective fields, which is also a key factor in success.”

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