Visual Studio Project MRU Utility now open source

Michael Kennedy, who wrote a useful utility for managing the recent project list on the Visual Studio home page, gave me a heads up that he’s taken the project open source. It’s now available on CodePlex, and you can install it via ClickOnce, or download the source. Thanks again, Michael!


XNA Game Studio 2.0 Beta Released

There’s now a beta available of the next release of XNA Game Studio: XNA Game Studio 2.0 (Beta) The Beta release of XNA Game Studio 2.0 is now available for you to download! Simply select whether you’re new to XNA Game Studio or an existing XNA Game Studio Express user, and follow the instructions to…


Michael C. Kennedy’s Visual Studio Tricks Series: #3 Managing the Recent Projects List

How cool…Michael took a hack I mentioned in a post a while back, and turned it into a useful tool: Welcome to my third Visual Studio tricks post. This time it’s more of a utility, than a tip. I want to talk about managing the recently projects list. If you’re like me, then you work…


XNA Team Blog : Announcing XNA Game Studio 2.0

OK, so I’m a little late to the game on this one: Michael KlucherProgram Manager – XNA Community Game Platform Wow! It’s hard to believe that a year ago on this blog we announced the first release of XNA Game Studio Express. Now, here we are again at Gamefest 2007 and, on behalf of the…


SharePoint 2007 Workflows – Sahil Malik

Local speaker and blogger Sahil Malik has just posted the 4th part in a series on Sharepoint 2007 Workflows and Visual Studio 2005…check them out: Table of Contents for on SharePoint 2007 WF Authoring using VS2005. 1. Setting up your environment for writing VS2005 workflows. 2. Writing an ultra basic workflow, deploying it, and slicing…


XNA Gamefest 2007 Coverage

Here’s some takeaways and slides from GameFest: What is covered in this article:Opening Key Note and Dream Build Play WinnersWhat’s New in XNA Game Studio 2.0Understanding XNA Framework PerformanceNetworking With the XNA FrameworkPartial textual transcripts are available from: John Sedlak’s Transcripts from Gamefest 2007 Some cool news: Over 175 Universities using XNA Game Studio Express…


Wiimote + Excel = COOL!

OK, so I realize most people don’t equate Excel to cool, other than perhaps some twisted CPAs (apologies to any readers who may also be CPAs), but in this case, I think we have to make an exception: I am doing more and more Wiimote integration. Buttons are easy. But how to analyze the motions?…


Web Wednesday: ASP.NET AJAX Overview

Tomorrow is Web Wednesday again, and tomorrow we’ll be looking at the ASP.NET AJAX Framework, currently in the Beta 2 release. This is the first of three devCasts on ASP.NET AJAX…next week we’ll look at the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, and the following week we’ll do a deep dive into the ASP.NET AJAX Framework. Here…


Visual Studio 2005 on Windows Vista

Links to some FAQs and a list of known issues when running as admin, or as a standard user can be found at: