The Next Adventure

This is a tough post to write. After 9+ years, and some of the best times I’ve had in my career, I’ve decided it’s time to move on to my next adventure. This Friday will be my last day at Microsoft. Thank You! During my stay at Microsoft, first as a developer evangelist, and later…


Productivity Tip: Dry Erase Markers and Mirrors

Folks who have seen me recently have remarked on the fact that I’ve lost a bit of weight over the last 6 months (30 lbs., or so), and often wonder what I’m doing. Diet (low-carb) and exercise are part of it, but I believe a big part of my success is having an explicit goal…



This is a nice example of maturity. It’s not always easy to recognize when something you want really bad…something you’ve convinced yourself you deserve, would not be good for you. And it can be even harder, once you recognize, to allow that to change your mind. So, kudos, Scott. And thanks for sharing and setting…


The 0 Dark 30 Experiment – A Month In

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d been getting up earlier lately, as an experiment to see what being an early bird could do for this former night owl. I’m about a month into the experiment, and the results are quite promising. I have: been getting up at 5am consistently over this period, enough…


Workers suffering from ’email stress’

Does this ring a bell? Targets, deadlines and getting to work on time have long been the main sources of pressure for most workers, but now it seems the office is being plagued by a new problem: e-mail stress. According to new research increasing numbers of workers say they are swamped with a never-ending tide…


New Headshot – Roy L. Flush

So I was recently in Miami for a team meeting, and one of the things they had scheduled was headshots with a professional photographer. After taking a normal (at least for me) shot, I grabbed my sunglasses, my hat, and some playing cards, and struck up my best poker pose, one I call “Roy L….


Turning $20 into $200

That’s basically what I did this weekend with a $20 67mm UV filter for my Nikon D70s. I was running late for my youngest son’s baptism, and was carrying more stuff than I probably should’ve been (baptismal blanket, camera, tripod, and a bottle of formula in case the man of the hour got hungry), and…


Slow blogging

Sorry for the sudden slowdown in blogging, folks. Unfortunately, my father passed away late last week after a 2-year battle with leukemia. So blogging will probably be light for the next couple of weeks as I deal with arrangements, and also some travel next week.


LASIK: One Week

Had my one week follow up on my LASIK procedure today. Good news all around. My corneas look great, and my eye doc wasn’t able to see the edges of the corneal flap (which means that my eyes are healing really well), and I’m 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. I also…



Just finished up my 24 hour LASIK follow-up and my vision is now 20/20, and will likely only improve from here.My eyes feel great, and I’ve been OK’ed to drive. So my results are as good as one could hope for! Published with BlogMailr