The Benefits of .NET University

Robin highlights some of the great stuff that comes out of running and attending a .NET University: The Roanoke Valley .NET User Group (RV.NUG) is using .NET University for their September meeting.  We had to make a few adjustments from the normal monthly meeting but it has received great reviews and benefits.  Check out .NET…


SharePoint 2007 Workflows – Sahil Malik

Local speaker and blogger Sahil Malik has just posted the 4th part in a series on Sharepoint 2007 Workflows and Visual Studio 2005…check them out: Table of Contents for on SharePoint 2007 WF Authoring using VS2005. 1. Setting up your environment for writing VS2005 workflows. 2. Writing an ultra basic workflow, deploying it, and slicing…


.NET U comes to Roanoke, VA

From community guru Robin Edwards, of RVNUG: Get Ready For Roanoke Valley .NET User Group Training With .NET University! Rather than our usual meeting at the Roanoke County Public Safety Building we will be providing training the first two Thursdays in September at the Virginia Western Community College. Come experience a 4-part presentation & hands-on…

Rock NUG

 Here’s an announcement from Dean Fiala, who’s one of the driving forces behind a new .NET user group in Rockville, MD…RockNUG. I’ll be presenting on WPF at the first meeting, which will be on June 13th at the Rockville campus of Montgomery College, so don’t miss it. I’ll post directions as soon as I have…


Useful WCF Tools

This week, I’m in a class on .NET 3.0, and already getting some useful tidbits. For example, there are a couple of very useful tools for building services in WCF. One is the Service Configuration Editor, which provides a visual editor for .config files for WCF services, allowing you to edit your WCF service configuration…

Web Wednesday: ASP.NET AJAX Overview

Tomorrow is Web Wednesday again, and tomorrow we’ll be looking at the ASP.NET AJAX Framework, currently in the Beta 2 release. This is the first of three devCasts on ASP.NET AJAX…next week we’ll look at the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, and the following week we’ll do a deep dive into the ASP.NET AJAX Framework. Here…


Vista is released to manufacturing

RTM! A big milestone, and one that will provide developers with the ability to comfortably move forward with .net 3.0 projects. Next up…Orcas! See here for Windows Vista availability dates.


.net Framework 3.0 is now released!

Get ’em: .net Framework 3.0 runtime Windows SDK for .net Framework 3.0 And don’t forget to keep up with for the latest downloads, samples, etc.

BaltoMSDN WPF Materials

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of presenting at the BaltoMSDN user group in Hunt Valley, MD on Windows Presentation Foundation. It was a lively group, with lots of questions, both on WPF as well as on related (and not-so-related) technologies. I’ve gotten several requests since the meeting for the slides and demo I used….

Making an Ajax Toolkit CollapsiblePanelExtender work with a DataList

So I’ve been working on the web site for .NET University, a site devoted to helping folks train up on .net 3.0, which is the brainchild of my Atlanta counterpart, Doug Turnure. One of Doug’s great community guys, Brendon Schwartz, created a nice HTML template for the site, and I spent a few hours this…