Are you a developer? Want to get your hands on a Windows Phone 7 device?

Then you MUST read the following post from Brandon Watson, in which he discusses just how many people are asking for them, and more importantly, lays out some guidelines for how YOU can get noticed by the Windows Phone 7 team (hint: DO EPIC SH*T), and perhaps get yourself a phone in the process: Ways…


The Internet is an Interruption System

The title of this post is a quote from a story in Wired, which was passed along to me by one of my peers. He sent the link in response to my sending an interesting story from the NY Times, which draws similar conclusions about the impact of technology on our brains. The upshot of…


devhammer’s Adventures in SSD

The Machine In preparation for some upcoming events, I recently got a new laptop, and had decided on a fairly heavy-duty machine, an HP 8530w, with a large screen, and plenty of RAM (8GB). It’s a very nice machine, but I was a bit disappointed that even with all that RAM it maxed out at…


iMo 7” USB Sub-Monitor Unboxing

I’m a big fan of multi-monitor as a way of getting a broader view of all the applications I’m working with at any given time. I have 4 monitors on my primary desktop machine, so when I’m on the road it can be difficult to deal with the limitation of a single laptop monitor. Enter…


Freescale Sensor Badge – Fun Gadget!

If you attended the DC Windows 7 Launch yesterday in Tyson’s Corner, VA, you may have gotten a chance to see a very cool gadget in action, the Freescale Flexis JM Badge Board. It’s a sensor board that contains an ambient light sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, 8-button touch sensor, buzzer, etc. It’s programmable via USB, and…


Sidebar Gadget Templates

One of the UX technologies I mentioned during my talk for the MSDN Roadshow today was the Sidebar (and in Windows 7, Desktop) gadgets, which are great for surfacing small amounts of information in a a compact space. One of the attendees asked whether Visual Studio has templates for Sidebar Gadgets, and the answer is…


MSDN Roadshow – Windows Client Technologies

The MSDN Mid-Atlantic Roadshow rides again…our next series of roadshow events kicks off later this month in Reston, VA. Currently, we’ve got the Reston event, and also a roadshow stop scheduled for Richmond, VA in March. We’ll have more cities to announce soon, but I wanted to get word out about these ASAP! Reston, VA…


SideSight – DO WANT!

This looks very cool: h/t NewScientist


Live Mesh : Expanded Live Mesh for Mobile CTP

Want to try Windows Live Mesh for mobile? Now you can… From the Live Mesh blog: The recent service update to Live Mesh addresses many of the issues users reported since we opened the Mobile CTP on Oct 30. With the release of the updated Live Mesh for Mobile version 0.9.3424.9, we are expanding the…


Tips for Digital Cameras

No, not tips for better pictures, but rather tips on crafty uses for your digicam or camera phone. I think my fave is snapping a pic of the nearest location info when parking your car (i.e. – row/floor number). I usually end up writing these down somewhere, then worry that I won’t be able to…