Screencasts with Community Clips

My colleague Allan de Costa Pinto shares a cool (and free) tool: Start creating your own screen casts with Community Clips. Really easy to use, absolutely free, and works as advertised. Nice work! In the following screen cast (less than 3 minutes) created with Community Clips, I show how I blog: I grab interesting fragments…


The Ultimate Steal

Peter points out a fantastic deal for students: Are you a college student?  Do you have kids in college?  Know someone who’s in college?  If so, you’ll want to check out this steal! I know when I was in college, I was looking for any way to save a buck…this saves a bunch of them….


BaltoMSDN This Week

This week’s BaltoMSDN meeting will feature Adam Macaulay talking about CorasWorks Workplace Suite for Sharepoint. CorasWorks will provide an overview of the current technologies and will demonstrate how SharePoint 2007 and CorasWorks can be used to build new Applications. You will learn about how you integrate InfoPath Form Server, Business Data Catalog, SharePoint, and CorasWorks…