Connected Show: Episode 18 – PHP and ADO.NET Data Services

Peter Laudati, a fellow developer evangelist out of the NY/NJ area, hosts a podcast called the Connected Show, along with Dmitry Lyalin, who works in Microsoft’s services organization. Dmitry wasn’t able to record the show this week, so Peter asked if I’d be willing to guest-host, and I was happy to say “yes”. Here’s the…


Microsoft AJAX Library and Interoperability

Via Christopher Steen: Microsoft Passes the OpenAjax InteropFest Test Recently Bertrand posted OpenAjax InteropFest 1.0: Microsoft’s entry.  The OpenAjax’s InteropFest’s goal is to demonstrate how different Ajax libraries can be parts of the OpenAjax ecosystem and interact with each other through the OpenAjax hub. Read all the details, including sample code  in Bertand’s blog post…..