BaltoMSDN January Meeting

My friends at BaltoMSDN will be hosting my friend and colleague Geoff Snowman, in one of his first public appearances as a newly minted BizTalk technical specialist. Geoff will be presenting an introduction to BizTalk 2006. I just took a class on BizTalk 2006 earlier this month, and I think there’s plenty to be excited about,…


NoVaSQL December Meeting

From our friends at NoVaSQL: The Northern Virginia SQL Server Users Group ( is announcing its FINAL session for 2005 to benefit IT Professionals (DBAs, Developers, Admins, etc.) in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland areas interested in SQL Server.  This session will be the SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio .NET Launch.  This…


Exciting news for enterprise Web developers

Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 introduced a new project-less model for web development which was designed to simplify the process of developing a web site using ASP.NET and Visual Studio, and enable scenarios like filesystem-based web sites. Personally, I find the new model very nice, and appreciate the simplicity. Some developers, however, have found…


BizTalk and Workflow Blog

I’m in a BizTalk 2006 class this week, and the instructor is Jon Flanders, who is quite well-versed in all things BizTalk (probably an understatement). Jon has a blog at, so if you’re interested in learning more about either BizTalk or Windows Workflow Foundation, you might just want to subscribe. Jon also offers some…


News on Team Foundation Server scalability

Some very cool news on increases in our benchmarks for how many developers can be supported on a given Team Foundation Server instance: For a while now I’ve been alluding to the fact that we’d be updating our guidance on the size of teams that Team Foundation Server will support.  While we still have some…


New DevNugget: Work Items in VSTS

I’ve just uploaded a new devnugget, this one on Work Items in Visual Studio 2005 Team System. If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, and an interest in learning some of the useful things you can do with Work Items, you should check it out. Are there other topics you’d like to see a 5-8…


Speech Server Contest

My counterpart in New England, Thom Robbins, gives the heads up on a contest for speech-enabling your apps. Sounds like some coding fun, and prizes, too! 


ASP.NET 2.0 Upgrade Central

Want to know more about upgrading your ASP.NET 1.x applications to ASP.NET 2.0? Look no further…there’s tons of great info available at:


Julie Lerman at!

Julie Lerman, one of the newest INETA speakers (and a longtime INETA volunteer), and a veteran of our first Mid-Atlantic Code Camp, will be at the user group in Newport News, VA next Tuesday, to talk about ADO.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 Integration. Julie was one of the top-rated speakers at our code…