Events This Week – June 29th, 2010

Here are the events listed in Community Megaphone for the next week (or so) for the Mid-Atlantic area, as well as webcasts of interest…this list includes events imported from the UGSS event calendar, and all events entered in Community Megaphone are also automatically synced to the UGSS event calendar:

  • DC ALT.NET - Introduction to Mercurial
    Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:00 PM, Alexandria, VA
    The next meeting of DC ALT.NET on 6/30, we have a follow-on to our Git presentation, this time on Mercurial with Buck Dunn.
    Whether you are developing an application with a team or even solo hacking. Keeping track of changes that are made and being able to work with previous or alternate versions quickly becomes a necessary task. Mercurial is a distributed source control system that provides a good collection of the features needed to allow collaboration for you and your team.
    In this presentation Buck will give an overview of distributed source control systems, an overview working with basic Mercurial features as well a few extensions and some direction in setting up an effective workflow for you and your team.
    About Our Speaker
    Buchanan (Buck) Dunn is a Senior C# Web Developer with Input located in Reston, Va. Previously he has worked for Corporate Executive Board and DubMeNow. He has spoken at Code Camps and User Groups in the DC area.
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  • Performance Impacts Related to Different Function Types
    Tuesday, July 06, 2010 12:00 PM, Online
    User defined functions provide a means to encapsulate business logic in the database tier. Often the purpose of the encapsulation is to provide standard method access segments of data within the database. Unfortunately, not all methods of creating user defined functions are equal. In this session we’ll review the types of user defined functions and investigate the performance impact in selecting the different types
    Identify purposes for creating user defined functions
    Discuss the types of user-defined functions
    Demonstrate performance impact in selecting different types of functions
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  • Azure Boot Camp
    Wednesday, July 07, 2010 8:00 AM, Virginia Beach, VA
    Windows Azure Boot Camp is a two day deep dive class to get you up to speed on developing for Windows Azure. The class includes a trainer with deep real world experience with Azure, as well as a series of labs so you can practice what you just learned. ABC is more than just a class, it is also an event in a box.
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