Community Megaphone Podcast – Show 12 with Frank La Vigne

The latest Community Megaphone Podcast, in which Dane and I talk to Frank La Vigne about Silverlight, Community, and cake (among other foods) is UP:

Show #12 with guest Frank La Vigne posted on Thursday, June 17, 2010

In show #12, Dane and Andrew talk with Frank La Vigne, from Germantown, MD, by way of Richmond, VA and Bayonne, NJ. We discuss Silverlight 4, WPF, Expression Blend, Visual Studio, Frank’s book on Silverlight 4, his involvement with INETA as a membership mentor, and Frank’s work in the community including his latest venture, the Capital Area .NET Silverlight SIG.
Frank La Vigne has been hooked on software development since he was 12 when he got his own Commodore 64 computer. Since then, he's worked as developer for financial firms on Wall Street and in Europe. He has worked on various Tablet PC solutions and building advanced user experiences in Silverlight and WPF. He lives in the suburbs of Washington, DC. He founded the CapArea.NET User Group Silverlight Special Interest Group. His Silverlight 4 book came out last month and was the first Silverlight 4 book on the market. Frank recently joined Excella as a Managing Consultant. He blogs regularly at

Show Notes

Web site/blog
CapArea.NET Silverlight SIG
MIX10 Keynote demo - eBay Simple Lister (at 15min in)
Building the eBay Simple Lister with Silverlight
LOL Geeks
If Developers Ruled
Star Trek DE
Punk DE
Excella Consulting

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