Richmond Code Camp is in ONE WEEK!

Given the pending upgrade of our blog servers, I wanted to make sure to get this info out ASAP, and remind everyone that one of the best code camps on the east coast is coming up in exactly ONE WEEK!

On May 22nd, geeks from all across Mid-Atlantic and beyond will gather for an EPIC all-day geek fest. On hand will be yours truly (natch), along with my partner on the Community Megaphone Podcast, Dane Morgridge, and with any luck at all we’ll be recording live for the podast. Also on the list of speakers:

  • Ned Ames – Reinventing Error Handling
  • Steve Andrews – Easing ASP.NET Deployment with Visual Studio 2010 and Web Deployment
  • John Baird – Windows Phone 7 Development
  • Joshua Blake – Hands-on Natural User Interfaces: Multi-touch on Windows
  • John Blumenauer – Developing WPF Apps using the Model-View-ViewModel
  • Steve Bodnar – Conversational C# (Can you read your code out loud?)
  • Jess Chadwick – What’s New & Hot in .NET 4.0?
  • Joel CochranSilverlight 4: Ready for Business
  • Buchanan Dunn – Intro to Windows Identity Foundation
  • Robin Edwards – Wikis and Blogs in SharePoint 2010
  • Kevin GriffinjQuery From the Ground Up
  • Kevin Israel – Techniques for Designing and Building Better Code
  • Brian Lanham – Intro to Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure
  • Frank La Vigne – Silverlight Bing Maps
  • David Makogon – Azure: Taking advantage of the platform
  • Steve Presley – Introduction to Windows Phone 7
  • Matthew Sposato – ASP.NET Dynamic Data – More than a Free Admin Site

And many more. There are 9 tracks with 45 sessions to choose from, so no chance that you’ll be bored…overstimulated is more like it, but in a very good way.

So don’t miss out, register today for what promises to be the best event you’ll attend all year! Oh…best part? It’s completely FREE!

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