The DNR Road Trip Mystery Guest Is…

Earlier today on twitter, I teased folks that I’d reveal the secret mystery guest for tomorrow’s .NET Rocks Visual Studio 2010 Road Trip stop in Richmond, VA.

I’m pleased to share that Carl and Richard will be interviewing Brian Harry from the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server team, live from the Richmond event tomorrow! Check out Brian’s bio here.

The short version, for the click-averse is that Brian Harry, in his more than 15 years with Microsoft, has been involved with many projects, including Visual SourceSafe (acquired by Microsoft in 1994), the Common Language Runtime, and now the Team Foundation Server and related client software.

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from one of the people with deep insights into Microsoft’s application lifecycle management (ALM) suite of tools, as well as someone with a hand in the creation of the .NET platform that we know and love today.

So…I just got a call from Richard Campbell, and I think an illustration may be in order…this is Richard’s brain:

image via digitalbob8 

This is Richard’s brain after 11 road trip stops and countless miles in an RV with Carl:

image via Greg Hayter

Get the picture?

Yes, Richard is quite fried, and informed me that he had mixed up his guests for Richmond, VA and Raleigh, NC. Bad Richard!

So the bad news is that we don’t get Brian Harry after all…you’ll have to drive to Raleigh to see Brian.

The good news is that the secret (or formerly secret, anyway) mystery guest for Richmond is none other than Mark Miller from DevExpress. This promises to be a wild night, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, as Mark has amassed quite the reputation as the brilliant, funny, and slightly twisted mind behind CodeRush.

One of my personal favorite Mark Miller productions is DevExpress’ PDC09 CodeRush challenge, in which he writes code with a Rock Band guitar controller (because writing code with chopsticks simply wasn’t challenging enough).

Mark has been a guest on .NET Rocks no fewer than 8 times, most recently with Billy Hollis on show #488. And even when he’s not on the show, he’s on the show, such as show #548 with Dustin Campbell from the road trip in Houston, in which Dustin describes his first experience working with Mark on the first version of CodeRush for Visual Studio.

So in the end, I think we’re getting an even cooler (and possibly more unpredictable) guest for Richmond, and I’m very much looking forward to the show!

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  1. Carl Franklin says:

    We screwed up! Brian is coming to Raleigh, and Mark Miller will be in Richmond.  Sorry for the miscommunication.

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