MIX10 Wrap-up By David Isbitski

I’d love to post a thorough, informative, and thoughtful summary of my experience at MIX10 (which was a ton of fun, and was probably the most information-packed MIX in the 3 years I’ve attended), but my fellow DE, David Isbitski, has done such a wonderful job summarizing that I’m just going to point you to his wrap-up post. It’s all there…Windows Phone 7 Series, Windows Azure, oData, the fulfillment of the 3 screens and a cloud vision, Silverlight 4, Internet Explorer 9, HTML 5, BizSpark and WebsiteSpark, and as a bonus, a link to the .toolbox site where folks can learn more about design.

That’s quite a lot, and you should go read it now.

DaveDev : My trip to Microsoft’s MIX10 Conference

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