MIX10 Day 2 Keynote Liveblog

Going to try the liveblogging thing again…on wifi this time, so hopefully it holds up…stay tuned!

11:03am – and duct tape…the hardware is a prototype that’s literally stuck together with duct tape…which is awesome.

11:00am – the keynote comes full circle with the Project Gustav / Wacom hardware-software combo, as a demonstration of the potential for NUI. A computer interface that behaves just like paints on canvas…mixing on a palette, smudging with fingers, varying brushes, charcoal, and more. Amazing possibilities.

10:54am – Using Visual Distortions in the live presentation to represent some of the concepts of what NUI needs to cope with…wonder how this translates on the live feed?

10:48am – Buxton talking music, and relative cost/value in our industry, relative to NUI. Playing a Yamaha WX7 wind controller…awesome. Always wanted one of those, though I’m not a wind player.

10:42am – Bill Buxton on stage to close out the keynote.

10:35am – bringing in Windows Phone to demo how Dallas makes data mashups really easy and powerful. You can get listed on the Dallas marketplace, complete with your own terms of service, pricing, etc.

10:32am – moving on to Codename “Dallas”, a marketplace for oData feeds, making it possible for developers to easily discover interesting feeds, and for feed providers to monetize their feeds.

10:28am – SQL Azure makes it possible to expose an oData feed for your database with a single checkbox. Wow.

10:25am – Want to create your own oData service? Just use the WCF Data Service template in Visual Studio 2010.

10:22am – more info and client downloads for oData at http://www.odata.org/.

10:20am – announcing oData support on iPhone. Program against oData sources in Objective C. Also announcing that SharePoint 2010 and Excel will both support oData, including SharePoint data exposed via oData.

10:18am – Demonstrating an oData client running on the Palm Pre.

10:12am – demoing rich querying via URL conventions against the Netflix catalog, and return the results as either XML or JSON.

10:09am – Netflix announces a live oData feed for their collections at http://odata.netflix.com/.

10:04am – Doug Purdy is on to talk about the Open Data Protocol, or oData, which underlies WCF Data Services.

9:50am – Reminder about WebSiteSpark and BizSpark programs, supporting web professionals and startups with free software for 3 years, with no obligation after the program. Get your business up and running on the Microsoft platform.

9:53am – Microsoft loves jQuery. We ship it in MVC, provide CDN support for it, as well as product support when used with ASP.NET MVC. Microsoft is announcing today that we are providing coding and testing/QA resources for jQuery. John Resig comes on to talk about it.

9:41am – Scott Hanselman is on to demo Visual Studio 2010, demoing an e-commerce app that sells Polo shirts…and ONLY Polo shirts. And is making his privates public (variables, people…get your minds out of the gutter).

9:38am – Clean markup from Web Forms controls in ASP.NET 4…not news, but still very welcome. New Web Forms controls, including charting controls. ASP.NET MVC2 built-into Visual Studio 2010 RTM.

9:36am – Scott Guthrie is in the house to discuss the Microsoft Web Platform.

9:34am – Video carousel. Amazing demo of HTML5, standards-based markup, and hardware acceleration.

9:31am – HTML5 video support announced for IE9. Hardware accelerated. Buttery smooth 720p HD with CPU to spare, compared to jittery in Chrome, pegging the CPU on a netbook.

9:28am – IE9 Community Preview announced. Network about to get hammered. Speaking of…the developer tools now includes a network tab, plus support for SVG.

9:25am – Clippy makes a couple of guest appearances, including in a fully SVG-rendered Asteroids clone.

9:18am – GPU-powered HTML5 applications, demoed by Steven Sinofsky. Impressive demo of perf with DirectX, using the same markup, GPU-accelerated in IE9.

9:17am – Microsoft will contribute DOM and CSS3 compliance tests to the W3C to help ensure markup compatibility across browsers.

9:12am – IE9 and standards. Demo of cross-browser script and CSS including opacity, rounded corners, etc. IE9 also passes all 578 CSS3 tests. Impressive demo of real-world CSS across IE9, Firefox and Chrome.

9:09am – New script engine in IE9 is solidly in the middle of the pack on the SunSpider benchmark…without optimization for the benchmark. JavaScript is compiled in the background using multi-core power.

9:06am – Up first, Dean Hachamovitch, on IE9 and HTML 5, and Hardware Acceleration.

8:58am – awesome pre-show live demo – Pioneer Studios artist doing some amazing sketching using the new 21” Cintiq multi-touch display. Awesome!

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