Getting to Win-Win for Win7!

So here’s the deal:

  • You need (or want) an awesome machine for developing Windows 7 applications, including multitouch support, such as the cool HP tx2z tablet.
  • I want to see developers learn about the cool new features in Windows 7 for developers, including multitouch, sensor support, the new taskbar, and more.

As it happens, I have a way for us both to get what we want. Just click the link below, and write an article on CodeProject talking about a great app you wrote for Windows 7, and one of 3 HP tx2z laptops (including one fully-loaded monster) can be yours. Full details, rules and conditions can be found at the link:

Write an article, maybe win a tablet

C’mon…you know you want that laptop!

Oh, and please tell your friends…you can feel free to get a head start on your article before you tell them, though…I won’t tell.

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