Connected Show: Episode 18 – PHP and ADO.NET Data Services

Peter Laudati, a fellow developer evangelist out of the NY/NJ area, hosts a podcast called the Connected Show, along with Dmitry Lyalin, who works in Microsoft’s services organization. Dmitry wasn’t able to record the show this week, so Peter asked if I’d be willing to guest-host, and I was happy to say “yes”. Here’s the show info:

Claudio Caldato on PHP & ADO.NET Data Services

In this episode, guest Claudio Caldato joins Peter to discuss interoperability at Microsoft and how his team is working to make Windows Azure cloud services more accessible to PHP developers. Claudio provides us details on the PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services. Guest host G. Andrew Duthie joins Peter to discuss Office Starter 2010, the wonders of VHDs, Red Hat & Microsoft interoperability, the ASP.NET MVC Firestarter, and “Are we really smarter than you?”.

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