Greetings from Vegas

Are you ready for some great tech news this week? Well, stay tuned here and to the Live MIX site for all the latest from MIX 09.

I got in a bit late last night, thanks to a delayed flight, but I’m up early as usual (see here for more on 0 Dark 30), and getting ready to go for a walk, and perhaps a swim, before getting my registration info and what’s already sounding like and awesome keynote with Bill Buxton and Scott Guthrie.

I’ll be posting major new stuff here, and tweeting throughout the day (follow MIX09 for the official twitter stream for MIX), and there will be a stream of the twitterverse on the Live MIX site as well. So even if you didn’t make it to Vegas this year, you’ll still have a great view from wherever you are!

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