This is a nice example of maturity.

It’s not always easy to recognize when something you want really bad…something you’ve convinced yourself you deserve, would not be good for you. And it can be even harder, once you recognize, to allow that to change your mind.

So, kudos, Scott. And thanks for sharing and setting a fine example for the rest of us.

UPDATE: Much as I dislike the idea of dumping on one of my Mid-Atlantic pals, I am disappointed to report that Scott went and bought the car anyway. And apparently justified it by giving his kid a cookie, too. Pretty sure that was the exact lesson he was trying NOT to teach. Well, his instinct was right, even if his will was not up to the task. Hope you enjoy that car, Scott...and that the enjoyment outlasts the payments!

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  1. Joel Cochran says:

    That was a great post.  Just this morning (at job #2) I was explaining to one of my young coworkers that being grown up meant that you did what you had to do instead of what you wanted to do.  I think maturity is a better term, but it represents the same idea.

    Thanks for passing this on.

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