Everything You Ever Wanted To KNow About Streaming Video, but Were Afraid To Ask, and Then Some…

…including “The Birth of Smooth Streaming

In my last post I talked about the history of multi-bitrate streaming and how we got from RTSP and HTTP streaming back to HTTP download as the primary media web distribution mechanism. In this post we’ll take a closer look at how adaptive streaming differs from traditional streaming (i.e. RTSP) and plain progressive download.

Go check out the rest, where Alex explains traditional streaming, some of the streaming protocols supported by Windows Media Services, progressive download, adaptive streaming (including how adaptive streaming was prototyped for the NBC Olympics coverage), and finally Smooth Streaming in IIS, which will be available as a free download for Windows Server 2008.

Very cool, very geeky stuff. If you’re into web video, it’s a good read.

Alex Zambelli’s Silverlight Media Blog » Blog Archive » The Birth of Smooth Streaming

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