Give feedback on Windows 7 Beta

Tim Heuer has a great post up on how you can provide feedback on the Windows 7 Beta:

Now that Windows 7 beta has been released, there are quite a few people using it and I’ve seen pretty positive feedback about it.  I’ve been running it for about a month now and am impressed with the performance over Vista mostly.  All my programs continue to run fine (only exception is MagicDisc ISO mounter, but found another option – why isn’t ISO mounting a part of Windows – vote here?!?!?!) and I was able to set up a perfect Windows Deployment Server image to quickly image my laptops with the latest build, a slipstreamed version of Office, etc.

There were a couple of things I wanted to send feedback on regarding the product.  I’m trying to be a good beta user myself and provide feedback on the product just like any other customer.  The cool thing is that the beta team has provided 2 ways within Windows 7 for you to provide feedback.

Be sure to read the whole thing, as some folks may need to register with Microsoft Connect in order to provide feedback via the ubiquitous title bar links in the beta.

Give feedback on Windows 7 Beta

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