Don’t forget to map the xap!

Was just updating one of my sites to the latest release of Graffiti CMS, in order to take advantage of Kevin Harder’s updated Slide.Show2 plug-in, using Silverlight 2, when I found that the site that worked perfectly on my local machine would no longer display photos when I pushed it out to my production server. D’oh!

Fortunately, a commenter on Kevin’s site pointed to this article, which explains how to map the .xap extension used by zipped Silverlight 2 apps to the correct MIME type (application/x-silverlight-app) in IIS.

Jumped on the hoster’s control panel, added the MIME type mapping, and voila…working gallery:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Note that mapping the MIME type may not be required for all servers (Windows Server 2008, for example, should be good to go out of the box), but if you’re faced with a blank Silverlight area, give it a shot.

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  1. Chris Hardy says:

    Doesn’t look like the Silverlight is working at all… Did you not mean to add "application/x-silverlight-2" instead of "application/x-silverlight-app" as the MIME type?


  2. DEvHammer says:

    Working for me Chris. Can you try reloading the page? I’ve seen it hiccup occasionally, perhaps something to do with the photo gallery or maybe access to the XAP on my site.

  3. Chris Hardy says:

    Yup – working when you restart the page but seems not to want to load when I first go on the site… very strange!

  4. DEvHammer says:


      Are you seeing this on the main blog page, or the individual post page? Seems to have problems for me on the main page more often than not, which may mean that I’ve got some stuff conflicting in multiple posts.

    The other thing I discovered is that if I touch the post with Community Server’s built-in editor, it rewrites the <object> tag, so that could possibly have something to do with it, but I’m not 100% on that.

  5. JJ says:

    Something else to note for folks that are on a hosted server: Often there will be multiple host headers for your site in the hosted IIS. For instance you’ll have and If this is the case, the web services for your xap will bomb if the 0 index value is not what you wired your services up to on the server side. You have to create a custom host header to point at the correct header in your web service .svc file.

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