Awesome News for AJAX Junkies

Are you an ASP.NET developer torn between the built-in support for ASP.NET AJAX, and the richness of the jQuery AJAX library? Well I have good news for you.

Scott Guthrie announced today that Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio moving forward, as well as with the ASP.NET MVC Framework when it ships. Rather than build redundant functionality into ASP.NET AJAX, the team decided it made more sense to adopt one of the most popular (and functional) libraries available to complement ASP.NET AJAX.

Here are the relevant links:

Scott Guthrie’s announcement

John Resig of jQuery discusses

Scott Hanselmann shows some code

As part of the announcement we’ll be shipping official IntelliSense (statement completion) support for jQuery in Visual Studio, and developers will be able to get full support from Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for jQuery just like any other Microsoft product.

A very cool announcement for developers.

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